Saturday, December 31, 2011


Sothis year for Christmas I revived a ton of money. Usally I would save it this but year I spent it on an iPhone!

This is my first post from my I phone!!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


    Sometime I feel so isolated from my family. Don't get me wrong I love my family very much and I KNOW they all love me back as well. Just sometimes i feel isolated.
   I am the black sheep of my entire family. I am different and proud of it but at the same time it makes my life so difficult. My sisters and mother have the same personality time and their mood change almost instantly. It is very hard to live around.  My father on the other had isn't as bad and knows how to act and is quite professional may I add. But sometimes he just doesn't get that you don't always get what you want. (well he understands but if it's something that is so stupid he just wont let it go) 
   I feel I view  life much differently then most people.  I see both sides to most things so therefore I agree with most things. I feel I get along with just about anyone but sometime I'm just so different I just can't fit in to what everyone is talking about or doing. I am also not very outgoing to I feel that takes part in some of that. 
  My family is very much into colorgaurd and marching band. I tried it an I did't like it. It wasn't my thing. I honestly hated it. I do have to give credit to those people who do do it. I think that's wonderful. I just don't like it for myself. I love animals and i love doing animal rescue. My family doesn't seem to understand how importat it is to me tho. I know they know it's important. But i don't think they actually know why,  not do they appreciate  what I do. 
 My mother will go along with it and pretend she knows what she is talking about and my father will tell people what I do to make himself look good. But nethier of them say why I do it. Or spread the word about why THEY should try it. It just bothers me.
  My parents love what my sisters do and I just feel isolated sometimes because I  am different. The worse is when the forget  to call me for dinner. Or when the I forget to tell me they are going shopping or out to eat.

Other times rather then feeling isolated I feel jelious. And very much so. For example, My little sister was in the hospital. Yes I was scared, scared for her, and scared about her health but more so I was mad. I was mad at her for once again getting ALL of the attention. I purposely fought with my mom so I could get a little bit more attention out of it. It really is a horrible thing because my sister needed my parents then, but i couldn't help myself. In a way i just felt anger at her and my mom and I wanted a way to get back. And last febuary when my older sister was in  the hospital i was angry at her because she took the attention away from me, during MY birthday. I was angry. But I din.didn't show it. I showed it to one person but I showed it to her more so as sympathetic (for my sister) then jealous.
      I feel that if I were to tell my parents how I felt they would be offended rather then happy that i could tell them something like that. I did try telling my mom one time by texting her. I just got in trouble and she didn't understand. I will never be able to tell anyone because I don't want them to think I am a selfish brat who doesn't care about her sisters. I do care and love my sisters SO much and I would do almost anything to save them from danger, but I get mad at them when they take MORE attention away from me. It hurts but no one seem or will understand it. So for now I will leave it at that. 

Lucky Dog Rescue Blog: Saying Goodbye to Yesterday

Lucky Dog Rescue Blog: Saying Goodbye to Yesterday: Nothing compares to the pain of losing a special dog or cat. It's a different kind of pain... a unique form of heartbreak... a distinctiv...

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Angel I miss you!

 Angel. She was so desperate. Calling for help. Helpless as can be. Alone. Scared. and on DEATH ROW.

I was sent Angel's picture in a weekly email from my rescue. She and her 6 puppies we found in a basement searching for higher grounds. Somehow the basement of the house that Angel had lived had been flooded out. Angel was abandoned and left to die, along with her pups. Angel used all of her will to make it out alive. Someone had called Animal Control, and Angel was rescued from one bad situation. She thought she was safe and took a big sign of relief. Little did my Angel girl know that the run shelter she would be placed in meant DEATH ROW! Again Angel tried to save her family.
The shelter had taken a picture and emailed it to PNP's Director. She place her picture on the weekly email under the dogs that needed rescuing. Her soulful eyes melted my mom and me. I cried when I saw her picture. I needed her, and she needed me.

 A transport was arranged for the following Saturday. Angel Arrived in NJ the weekend before Thanksgiving. I loved her from the second I met her. She was the BEST dog.  She was scared of where she was thinking it was another place where she

 may have to save her family from danger AGAIN!
 Once Angel trusted me, She never left my side. I love her. Once she finished nursing her puppies she started to sleep on my bed.
 All of her puppies were adopted by the first weekend of the new year.(2010) Angel however still had a long way to go. When Angel was at the Shelter in VA, she was HW tested as she should be. Her HW test came back positive. The shelter needed her to be rescued so bad they said if we (Pnp) could take her until her puppies got adopted they would transport her back down to VA for treatment and then send her back up.
  Due to the best interest in the rescue and Angel's health this was the plan. Angel was sent back down to VA mid- January. Saying goodbye was the hardest thing to do. I know it wasn't a true goodbye but I feared that she would slip her collar, run away, be picked up by Animal Control and killed. I sent almost weekly emails to the Director asking if she had heard anything about Angel.
  The days felt like months and the weeks felt like years, but finally my Angel girl came home.  She had been gone for a little under a month. I was so happy that Angel was home for my Birthday. It was my only Birthday wish.
  After a few weeks Angel was posted on and brought to adoption event. I loved bringing her up to adoptions because I loved to spend the extra time with her. Nobody would every look at her and the people that did I didn't feel they were the right match.
  I felt that I was the perfect match. I just wanted to keep Angel. I felt like she was already mine. I loved her so much and started to not be able to remember a time without her. Angel Loved me to. If I said "owww" She would come running to make sure I was okay.
  The only thing Angel did bad was run away. She never went far but she would always find a way to sneak out the front door or get through the gate on the deck or somehow get out through the basement. My parents complimented keeping her but never really thought it was a good idea. I beg and beg and beg until I finally came to terms that I wasn't the one for her.
  It was April and we had gotten a WONDERFUL application on my girl. I was in love with the application. It happened to be be spring break so we were able to meet the family mid-week at our house. They had brought their other dog along to meet my Angel. They were best friends in no time. And they even looked like sisters!
  The family LOVES her. Almost as much as I do.  I cried the day she left. I didn't cry tears of sorrow, but rather tears of joy. I was happy for my girl that her long hard journey was over. I still am very happy for her.

I love Angel and I will never forget her nor her story. She touched me in ways no other dog has. I will always consider her as one of my dogs even if I never owned her. I know the chance are slim but I hope she remembers me.
  She sent me a Christmas present last year. It meant so much to me. It is a Christmas ordainment with her picture in it. I keep it out all year right next to my bed. She Will forever protect me and be in m heart.

                                                                               I am so happy she is home, but my heart aches so much around Christmas for her. I feel so guilty I didn't keep her. I am so jealous of the family that adopted her, but I know she is living life on the large side and is living a life I wouldn't be about to give her. She loves  her "sister" and is happy with all the exercise she gets. I just wish I could be the one who gets to love her everyday, walk her and feed her, and comfort her when she needs it. I miss her but I know she is in WONDERFUL Awesome amazing A PHENOMENAL home with EXCEPTIONAL people who adore her way much! I just wish I could see her or dog sit her one time!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Follow your dreams..

When people say "no" I say "yes". When people say "don;t even try it" I say "watch this" When people say your "contridictiing yourself" I say "i'm steering my own life thanks"

I am sixteen and unusual. I love animal rescue and I'm proud of it. Many of my friends don't understand it. Many of my friends don't understand why! I don't do animal rescue just because "I'm a "typical" animal lover"

-------Huh? What is an animal lover  anyways? According to most ordinary people an animal lover is a              person who loves animals (usually household pets) To me an animal lover  is one who love to be around all animal wild and domestic. One who may not want or particuallry favor that animal but will save it's life or keep it in humane conditions. -------

Anyways I do animal rescue because it's the right thing to do. I want to speak up for the ones who don't have a voice. Or the ones that are being kept in small cages in inhumane conditions at "animal mill". I want to stand up and speak for those who are loosing their homes due to deforestation or to any other humanly caused issue. I want to speak for those who are killed daily in shelters. Those who are tossed in the back of garbage trucks simple because they showed too much love. Or the ones who are being beheaded because a humane injection is not in the budget? Or the ones who are being shot at or attacked or any other way an animal is being mistreated and not LOVED.
   Every animal (humans are animal, along with cats, dogs, pigs,  rats, hamsters. tigers, bears, fish, snakes, monkeys..everything) should have love in their life no matter what the species, sex, age, breed, color sexuality, or any other factor. Life needs love in order to survive.
   I do animal rescue because I want to help the cause, rather then sit back and "look in" at the issue. That isn't right.. It's like bulling. If you were to be a bystander in bullying, you are just "looking in on the issue". If you are the victim you are like the animal taking the abuse. If you are the bullyer you are like the one causing the issue and you should be prosecuted.  If you are the one who steps up and helps, you are like the animal rescuer.
  I do animal rescue because i'm addicted. Yes, My name is Brigette H****** and I am on the drug of ANIMAL RESCUE. Animal rescue is very addictive. Do you remember learning about how people become addicted to drugs because of the feeling they get from the drug, like being high? They continue to do that drug because they want to get that high, again? Well if animal rescue was considered a drug.. I'd be considered a drug-addict There are so many different emotions that a very involved animal rescue person goes through. Here are some:

  1. The stress. Any thing in life will give you stress. But you need it to live.
  2. That indescribable feeling when an animal that you have been working with so hard to earn it's trust, FINALLY shows the slightest bit of trust towards you. It's almost like a teacher repeatedly teaching a student a lesson or explaining something, and it finally clocks. Or when a parent has been trying to teach their child how to ride a bike and the child finally does it on their own.
  3. That moment when the aniaml is finally "home", "saved", "out of pain",  "healthy" "is givin love"
  4. LOVE!  The biggest one. Yes love is a super strong word but here is isn't string enough. Love isn't thrown around enough in rescue. How can you no pet a dog asking for love? Yes, asking for love because all he wants to do is be loyal to you even if you beat him. (it's horrible but true!)
Lastly, I do animal rescue because I can't say NO! Can you???
"The eyes never lie......Rescue, Don't buy!"
This fella is no longer alive. He was gassed to death at a kill shelter.
all quotes under the pictures are taken from ------------>>>

"Can You walk away from a dog that wants to be loved?"
Obviously people can; This guy was dumped at a kill shelter and KILLED!
I can't walk away from one who wants to be loved. That is why I do animal rescue.

Taken from  Yes Someone did shoot this dog with an arrow. THATS WHY I DO RESCUE! He was rescued. The arrow was removed and luckily JUST missed several organs. He is now happily living with a LOVING family!!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

ALL I WANT FOR CHristmas!!

My last blog was about what I wanted for christmas!! Here is what I want but in a bit more detail!!!! PLEASE MAKE MY WISH COME TRUE!!! I WANT TO FOSTER HER B4 her puppies are born!!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

All I want for Christmas is...

This Christmas I don't want it to be about the gifts I  get. I want it to be about the gifts I give. (No, I don't mean actual presents) This Christmas season I want to give  gifts that are to big to wrap. I want to help the people who need it.. or the animals who need it! 
 Christmas isn't suppose to be about the things you get, it's about the unseen gifts that are given.  I realised this today when I was helping a friend come up with gift idea. This Christmas I want to do three things to give back.
 1.) I want to Help Purrs N' Pups raise $15,000. Yes this IS a lot but a heck of a lot less then $30,000. $30,000 is their vet bill. How? you may ask... well it's from all the animals that get sick and require vet care. You may ask why? Why? only $15,000 dollars that you want to HELP raise? Well the vet, they offered a Christmas Challenge! They offered to cut the bill in half IF we are able to RAISE $15,000 by December 31st 11:59pm. The vet along with us wants to help Purrs N' Pups Animal Rescue to start off without a vet bill debt for 2012!! This is truly a once in a life time thing. Go to any rescue and ask how many times that has happened. I am sure they will tell you NEVER!! Please Help me Help PURRS N' PUPS ANIMAL RESCUE raise this MONEY! If donate you will get a tax deduction receipt!! PLEASE! Help my Christmas wish come true!!
2.)I would love to volunteer at an animal shelter in my area on Sundays to help walk and socialize some dogs. 
3.) I want to foster a pregnant, pit bull, or any other dog that is larger and is in URGENT need of rescuing.

Forget the IPhone I wanted... I want these gifts!! They are so much more meaningful to me!!!

Friday, December 2, 2011

How do I know?

ahhhhhh...a sigh of relief for the night!

Bella, my beagle mix, hasn't been doing so well the past two days. She has been very lethargic, not eating, or if she does eat getting sick, drinking water but not keeping it down,  and not walking very well. She usually loses food and can hear/smell it from a mile away. I have been worried so much the past two days that I have even feared passing out again. (when we found out Bell has cushing disease I passed out and got a concussion the same night) Last night I couldn't look at  Bella without crying she just looked so miserable. This morning she looked the same. During most of the day when I checked in on her things were still the same. Tonight, God blessed her and I got a text that said she was doing good. She had walked outside to get her bone and then chewed on it. She then wanted to bury it again! Then when I got home and was getting my pizza, she started to beg! I have never been so happy to see her beg. I couldn't resist her painful efforts to jump up on me; she got some pizza tonight. I was able to look at her and NOT cry but I still saw pain in her eyes.

Nobody wants to put their cat or dog to sleep.

I have never not known when it's time to let one go. All of my foster puppies I knew, i just knew when they weren't going to make it. With Bella It's different. But Why?
 Is it because she is my firstest dog ever? Is it because I am selfish? Is it because I keep second guessing myself? Is it because I haven't had enough time? Is it because we didn't spend enough time together for me to know? How am I suppose to know when it's time? How do I know that there is nothing else that will possible help her with out putting her in more pain? How do I know that the people who are telling me there's nothing else to do are right? How do I know?

I don't want to be selfish and not send her to the bridge. But I don't want to be selfish and send her too soon because I can't take it anymore. I don't know what to do and I don't think I ever really will. I love My Bella Abby. How do I know if there really is a heaven that we WILL meet again at. I know she will always be with me in my heart, but It just won't be the same!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Bella Abby Hillman

Dear Bella,
  It was exactly 7 years and 350 days ago that we first met. You were just 12 weeks old the most. You looked at me with those big ol' beagle ears and those eyes, those eyes that just melted my nine year old heart. You were so innocent as was I. I looked at the others in the shelter but kept coming back to you. The shelter volunteer gave me some "milk bones" to give to you, you loved them. Then it was time to leave, I cried I didn't want to leave you, I just wanted to LOVE you! Boy did I not know how much I would ever love you until the day you left me!
  The following day was Saturday, We brought Mommy to meet you. She wasn't thrilled that you were a hound but she loved you anyways. She wanted the chi mix puppy but daddy and I didn't we wanted YOU! So YOU it was! We had to leave you for another few days so that you could get spayed. But before we left you we played until the shelter closed in the grass field. ( I wish I could back to that day) I remember wanting our mommy and  daddy to call the shelter each day to check up on you. They said they did, but honestly I don't think they did.
  That same weekend was by far the worse for Amanda, Marlene, their father and grandmother. Janice (the girl's mother) had died. We were so upset to loose such a person. But I felt lucky, because I was getting YOU! Mommy and Daddy told me not to act to excited because I would hurt Amanda and Marlene's feeling.
   The burial was scheduled for the 8th. We were scheduled to come get you the 8th.  We went to the ceremony and then the lunch. I couldn't wait to show you off to Jessie, my now "second best friend". You had taken her spot of "First Best Friend Until The Day we Die" or FBFUTDWD. That was only semi-right, you are still my best friend, there isn't a day that goes by that I don't miss you.
After the ceremony we went to the shelter and I couldn't move my nine year old legs fast enough. I ran through the doors and to your run. Run number 2! The volunteer gave us a red leash and red collar. I got to put them on you. Elizabeth got to walk you out! You sat in the back seat with me but once the car started u hide under daddy's seat.
   When we got you home  we let you run FREE in the house! You ran and ran and ran and ran. You nearly ran into every single wall! Then Elizabeth and I taught you a trick.... mommy and daddy weren't to happy because we taught you how to jump up on us!! HEHE!!!
   As the first year past you and I because best friends! We loved each other and clearly you love me as much as i loved you because you'd always take MY stuff or sleep on MY stuff! Like " Pengy Jr." I will keep him forever so I can remember YOU. He now sleeps on my bed again, as he did when you were still with me. I say goodnight to YOU through him every night.
  You were a pretty bad dog for the first couple years. But I didn't care I loved you anyways!!! You were always getting into the garbage and running away. You always ran away when it was snowing and I would always chase after you, and be to tired to move by the time I caught you.
  You also had a new collar almost every month. Anytime I found a collar I liked I'd buy it for you. You must have had at least 40 collars.My favorite one was you red ones.
  I hope you understand that when I adopted Molly she didn't replace you in any way. Only opened a new part to me that I never knew. You are not a just my first dog..your must more that "just a dog" you were my First Best Friend Until the Day we Die! but now... now you are my BEST FRIEND FOREVER! Although we are separated for now, we will meet again on "rainbow bridge"
...We finally Brought you to the cape your last summer. You loved it! I knew you would! It was fun to finally bring you with us. It was so much fun taking you to the beach and watching you swim! I could't believe how much you enjoyed the water. I wish we could have been there more. But when we meet again, I promise we can be on the beach!
 Your Last few months were a roller coaster for me. It was hard for me to accept that it was time. I struggled with the mention of loosing you. But I knew it would be time. I knew I couldn't keep you like this. I had to convince the rest of the family that it would be time. And you sure showed them.
 Luckily Jen and Lisa were able to comfort you and US in our last few hours together. It was HORRIFIC watching you pass, I can't say you weren't in pain because I heard you whimper but I can say you knew you would be okay.
 I felt numb after you left me. I couldn't think, breath, eat, cry, laugh, or move. It was weird. I remember I just wanted to cry, but I couldn't. I felt I had to be strong, strong for YOU, because YOU were always strong for me.  It has taken months but I was finally able to process it all any let it all out. Now even if I see your picture I will laugh because of the memory or cry because of the pain of missing you.

Today Is the day before Thanksgiving. Tomorrow I will be decorating and seeing all YOUR holiday decorations. I'll be sure I hang them so you can look down and see that I will never forget you for One day of this Holiday Season!

My Little Bella Girl, Why did you have to go so young? You were just 7 years young! I'll never understand why you left this earth so soon, but thank you for the Lessons you have taught me, and continue to teach me! I love you forever and always!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Giving Thanks! (The only Holiday you can say backwards and it be the definition of the Holiday)

Happy Thanksgiving and May God Bless you In many ways!

I wanted to dedicate a post to all that I am thankful for in the past year, so here it goes:

Thank Your for my family, with out them I would have the support I so desperately need,

Thank you for my Friends, without them I would have no reason to life.

Thank you to our Armed forces who have served or are serving Our country currently. I disagree with war but I am so thankful for your sacrifices to help keep people you don't even know safe!

Thank you for Bella. She is my first K9 family member and has changed my life in so many ways. I love her so much and am so thankful for her. With out her I would never have been inspired to help other animals live her. She is my TRUE BEST FRIEND and I love every moment I have with her.

Thank you for Molly. Without her I would never laugh EVERY day. I may have never woken up from being unconscious and I would never know how strong LOVE truly can be.

Thank you for time. Without it I would never be able to save all the dogs I have.

Thank you for school. Although I say I hate it or that it's pointless I am thankful for it. It gives time to plan what I will do and how I will approach my next steps. I have no idea when I will find time to do this when i Graduate!

Thank you for Pups@Play. With out it I wouldn't have a job and I wouldn't be able to pay Molly's vet bills or save for a car and hours. I also wouldn't be able to give Molly the socialization she so desperately craves. I am also thankful for ALL of the people I have meet there. They are all wonderful people and have big hearts.

Thank you for my mostly healthy body, With out it I wouldn't be able to save as many lives.

Thank you for life. Thank you for my live and thank you for the lives of animals!

Thank you for My house. I can't imagine the lives of the homeless.

Thanks You for Park Swim. Without swim I would never be in shape.

Thank you for EVERYTHING I have and have not mentioned. It has all helped to shape me into the person I am today and has helped me solve the many challenges I have had in life.

I believe....

This Picture doesn't really have anything to do with this post, I just felt like posting a picture.
God Pushes us in ways we never thought would happen Although the saying is "Sometimes for better and sometimes for worse...." I believe God always pushes us for the better. The things HE pushes us into may seem hard to believe that they are for the better, but they are. Everything HE pushes us to do has a meaningful life lesson that we may or may not learn. The closer attention you pay to HIS lesson the more you will get out of it.
     I truly believe that the night I passed out was not caused by any medical reason but as a lesson that God desperately  wanted me to understand.  Before I completely "knocked out" I last remember Molly crying.  When I woke up Molly had her head on my chest, and Gillian(a foster dog at the time) was licking my face through her crate.  I honestly thought that I had the worse thing every and stated complaining about it to everyone. I later found a blog. On this blog a mother had written about her family's life. This past year had by far the worse possible news ever; Her FOUR year old Daughter, Lucy had been diagnosed with Cancer in February.  The mother has written about the ups-and the downs of their journey. After reading this BlogPage I have learned that you should be happy for what you have, and that there will always be someone better then you and someone worse then you.
     It may sound silly I learned this through my Concussion, but I did! God had me pass out, fall and hit my head so had the time to figure this out.
     I have also been starting to become more confident in more thing that I have been doing after reading Ashley Owen Hill's Rescue's Blog. She has started to become an inspiration to me and has been teaching me to become my full potential no matter what anyone say. Now, yes I know, I know, I knew that before, BUT now, yeah NOW I'm actually applying this into my life. I have bigger dreams for my self and I can take a stand for what I believe in.
    These past couple months I have started to believe in God more. I have started to pray more. I'm not sure what religion I am or if I want to declare my self as one but I now can say I believe in a God. I believe that HE does play an important role in our life. But I still do not know If I believe in heaven or hell. I do however believe in peace. I believe that everyone should be grateful for what they have and help the ones who need it. I believe that if you show hate you will live a shorter miserable life because of it.  I believe that every one should be treated equally and that everyone has the full potential to be something great, but God is the one who picks the people that will succeed and strive to do better no matter how far they have gone already.

Monday, November 14, 2011

A tired Molly!!

Two Friday's I was offered a job at Pups @ Play!! I Started last Friday! It it a good first job! I love it! I am really starting to get to know how different breeds play and I am learning different breeds as well!! YAY!!
Here is a picture of Molly on our way home!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Award Part 2

THANKS to Ms. Califri for editing/revising BOTH of my Essays!! It means so much!!

Each year thousands of animals across the United States are put to sleep, for no fault of their own. These animals are not at fault nor do they deserve such treatment.  Every year I personally save approximately one hundred of these animals from being killed.  I began my volunteering efforts in 2004 by collecting donations for St. Hubert’s of Madison New Jersey.  I learned about the cause of pet overpopulation at St. Hubert’s.  When my family decided to get a dog, I persuaded them into adopting one rather than buying a dog from a breeder or supporting a puppy mill. In 2007 I wanted to do more than just collect donations for the shelter, I wanted to foster. I had searched on and found Purrs N Pups Animal Rescue. They were looking for volunteer fosters and it seemed like a perfect match for me. I applied and my I received my first fosters on July 1 2007. When we brought our foster dogs up to the adoption event, I found out that I could come to every adoption event even if I didn’t have fosters. I began to go to adoptions every week, and I also became more involved. Each week I would make cage tags for each of the animals that would be at the next adoption event.  In September of 2007, I was invited to go to a High-Kill Animal Shelter with a Director of Purrs N Pups. The director wanted to me to understand the impact “I” was making. That day she had taught me that each animal I speak up for, “I” rescue.  From that day forward I knew I would do animal rescue for the rest of my life. I was taught by the same Director, who is also a vet tech, how to administer vaccines, microchips, and different medication. I have also learned how to deliver and feed newborn kittens, and puppies and witnessed a dog having c-section.  Currently, I run a blog page and a Facebook page for Purrs N Pups Animal Rescue.  I also write up contracts, file paperwork, recruit volunteers and fosters, foster, help at adoption days, administer vaccines, microchips, help plan events, and raise money for the group.  Volunteering with Purrs N Pups Animal Rescue has helped me make a difference in the world by not only saving the lives of animals, but also placing them in forever homes. By creating the Blog page and Facebook Page I have been able to spread to the public, information about Purrs N Pups Animal Rescue, and the importance of altering and adopting their pets. Volunteering has boosted my confidence and helps me feel comfortable standing up for what I believe in. A person will never regret volunteering; they will however regret not volunteering. It is important to be confident and stand up for what someone believes in, even if others around you may not believe the same things. The best part about almost anything is the challenge it take to get there, one of the most challenging parts of animal rescue is the daily ignorance of people when they do not understand why it is important to adopt rather than just to pick the cute puppy in the pet store’s window. Almost 100% of the time the animals in pet stores are from animal mills or back yard breeders, and when people buy an animal from them it promotes the breeder to produce more and keep the inhumane conditions.  Another challenge is that, many people do not know that everyday adoptable animals are being killed for no reason but that they ended up in an overcrowded shelter, and when I try to explain they do not want to believe it, and I feel defeated at times, but it just makes me try harder. The best part of animal rescue is when the animals “I” rescue find their forever home. Although I may shed tears, they are always tears of joy. I never forget the joy and unconditional love in the new pet owner’s eyes!  That joy helps me move on to my next foster, and rebuild its heart.

Foster Puppy Update!!

Here is an update of Mamma Stumpy and her family:

Mamma now plays and runs around just like any other puppy her age! She loves people and would love to cuddle all day long! She really has come a long way!!!

Pups and now all named and separated from mommy! They LOVE to be held and know when they have visitors. They are super smart and love to chill in the kitchen!! :)

Here is a slide show of them!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Award Part 1

I became involved in helping animals in 2004. I started by collecting donations for St. Hubert’s of Madison, NJ. I continued to learn different ways to help shelter animals. I began spreading the word about adopting animals, rather than purchasing them from breeders or pet stores. Three years later, in 2007, I learned about fostering. I began fostering for Purrs N Pups animal Rescue Team in July of 2007 and I continue to foster still today. I am extremely involved in the rescue; I attend every adoption event, transport, and fundraiser.  I also have taken on other tasks such as, writing contracts, filling paperwork,  making fliers, posters and donation boxes, assisting administering and recording medical work, running a Facebook page (“Opt To Adopt”),  a blog (, and updating the groups animal list. I am considered a  critical volunteer in the rescue, my foster work benefits every single animal I “speak up” to foster. If I don’t speak up for my foster animals they would be put to sleep and not given a second chance. The blog page and Facebook page that I run helps to educate the public of why it is incredibly important to alter their pets, and should opt to adopt.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

New Fosters And Foster Update!!

So i'll start off by Posting Updated Pictures of my Mamma and her pups! They are gowing so fast and changing so much!! I am so glad human babbies don't grow and learn this fast! They are 4 weeks old! (as of thursday!)

This is Mom! She is such a lover!! :)

And this is Rusty! He is my new foster. These pictures don't do him anything. He is adorable and loves people and other dogs! He is just so pretty!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Concussion Update!!!!!

So, on October 1st I fainted and hit my head. Not Once but twice! I now have a concussion. Today is the Twenty-first and I STILL have most symptoms of it! :( I have been going to doctors every week! It's been kinda crazy, but its involved a LOT of Red Mango! :)  I went to the Concussion and Sports Center Monday, they Sent me to the neurologist, because they wanted to check for a seizure. (i really didn't like them. To much to explain) On Tuesday I had that appointment. They told me I needed and MRI and an EEG. They also are sending me to the cardiologist. because they want to make sure my heart didn't stop. I haven't had that appointment yet, but I am sure I will be getting an EKG. (i think that's what it is) I also went to the dermatologist I have eczema. YAY! NOT! But at least it is something! :) I am being treated with a high prescription cream. It is helping!

At times I just want to cry and I get so mad. All of this is starting to break me. But talking Helped. I talked to one of my FAVORITE teachers today! She really knows how to cheer me up. I really wish she was my teacher this year, because I barely get to talk to her, but whatev. But talking to her really help! :)

Other then my Concussion Issues, my Puppies are growing and growing! They don't look to much like bears anymore! I will be naming them the first 5 letters in the Greek alphabet. :) I would post pictures. But I am on my mom's computer because I didn't feel like fighting with mine.

I have also been reading a blog. It is a mother who blogs. Her daughter was diagnosed with cancer in February. She has blog her journey through out it. When I read it, I remember how lucky I am to only have a concussion. Her little 5 year old has cancer! Thank goodness she is doing well from her chemo. but  she had to fight for her life! Her little girl is so strong, so is the little girl's big sister! (if you type in "Go Lucy Go" in google you should come to her blog)

Friday, October 14, 2011

will you Save Us??

Hey Everyone!

 My good Friend who is just amzing saves dogs from death row in Gergia and Bring them to diffenent Rescue who have foster homes.  She is looking for a foster for two sisters. The sisters are not too big. They are small to a small medium. They are Just so cute! I love their little faces! I would take but I'm a little full with mom and 5 and a concussion...
Please Help these girls
They are fully vaccinated, and heart-worm tested. They will be spayed on Monday!!! PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!! These Girls are calling out for help??? Will you answer Their Silent cry for it??

 She is a it shy at first. But when you earn her trust..she is just a love!! Please give he the love that shes never had before!!!

This is her sister. Just look at the faces!! Don't they just melt your heart!!

Fostering is such a wonderful learning opportunity for everyone! Please Help These Girls!! Email me at to HELP!!



am an animal rescuer.
am allergic to almost every animal
am sixteen years old.
am not the smartest person.
ignor my stress from school to save just one more animal
ignor when my parents say "no more fosters"
ignor the comments theat try to hold me back
ignor my allergies for my love of animals

save dogs from death row.
save dogs from inhumane situations
save dogs who are unwantes
save dogs who are "strays"
save dogs that were made "by accident"
save dogs from sick people
save dogs that others normal turn their back on
save dogs that NEED me
save dogs who don't know why they are where they are
save lives.

try my best
try to do all i say i will
try to make everyone happy

love to volunteer.
love Bella Abby Hilman
love Molly Sage Hillman
love supportive people in my life
love people who I know I can talk to and will tell the harsh truth even tho they don't want to
love postive people
love people who say "You won't achive that"
love animal rescue
love the feeling that you get when you prove people wrong
love wildlife animals
love pitbulls

have a pitbull
have a beagle
have 3 guinea pigs
have so little time to do all I want
have a few people who understand.
have many goals in life.
have so many things to do
have different piororites then most people my age

will be an animal control officer
will have a house of my own
will have a large property
will have goats
will save to lives of animals in need
will be an animal disaster volunteer
will up speak for the ones who can't

A few thing I, am, save, willl do, have, love, ignor, and, try.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Can you Please Vote for my Rescue!!!??

The Challenge is ON!!

Please Everyone Take 3 minutes to Vote For Purrs N Pups Animal Rescue In Petfinder's Shelter Challenge!!
What you Do is:
Click This Link:

Next, You put "United States" , "New Jersey", and then "Andover" for the city.

Then, Purr N Pups Animal rescue Should be the only one that comes up.. If not scroll down Until you see Purrs N Pups Animal Rescue!!

After, Click "VOTE"

Second to last, you will have to enter the codes to make sure you are not a robot!(LOL)

Finally, Do it again tomorrow!!
(you can vote on every device computer, laptop, cellphone, ipod)


Monday, October 10, 2011

An apple a day keeps the doctor away!!!..maybe

Well, Yesterday I went Apple Picking with my sisters and mother! We had a pretty good day!! :) My favorite apples are the golden Delicious! :) So YUMMY In my Tummy!!!!LMAO

After Apple picking yesterday we went to TGIF. Is it me or is every single TGIF's service slow???? There wasn't  really anyone there either!! UGH! I was getting so mad! Ever since my concussion i can't stand people... Animals.on the other long as they aren't barking i don't mind them!!
And my frustration.. oh my!! I get frustrated so easily!! it's so hard to not get frustrated these days!!!

and worse of all.......NO SWIMMING!!! :( I'm so sad!!
But I've got some pups to cheer me up!!

Aren't the just so adorable!!!

this is momma!! Suggestions for names??

they look like litte Bears!

Never wake sleeping babbies!!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Heyy Everyone,

 As I may have mentioned is pervious post, I have started to volunteer at Pups@Play! A brand New Doggie Day Care in Livingston NJ! This place is AWSOME!!! I love it!!! Molly LOVES it too!! She knows they way there too! HAHA Molly smells the place soo much that she never wants to leave!! Molly even goes there on days that I don't volunteer! She truely LOVES it! She comes Home sooo tired too! Lori, the ownner, she is just a great person and loves every dog! She is wonderful. I so highly reccommend Pups @ Play. Its so new and soo clean!! It smells so fresh as well!!! Please come by for a tour and Bring your dog.. At least for one day!! :) They'lll love it!!!

Click here to learn more!!!! 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


So, Whats New With me???
   Well, I have a foster dog! :) Her name is Gillian. Her name was previously Ears/Pebbles. She is such a good dog for being in a kennel for 98% of her life. She isn't house trained yet but she gets closer each day. She is Pretty smart. She learned "Sit" "Come" and "Down" In just one week. She has learned new manners as well. She is almost perfect on a leash. No Pulling!! YAY! She also takes treaks very gently and is good around little kids. She LOVES to give kisses and doesn't want.'t to harm anyone. She LOVES to play play play with other dogs. Although she will settle down when the other dog does or there are no dogs around. She loves to just come sit by you! She is great around Guinea pigs, and birds but prefers no cats, as she may play a little to rough with them, but she means no Harm!!! Gillian is such a great dog and I hope she finds a home soon!! :) Please pass this write up along if you know anyone looking for a dog. She is about 7mths old is I think she is a Lab Corgi mix.
Gillian: Black Labrador Retriever, Dog; Andover, NJ
Isn't she Adorable?????

Hmmm. Let's see... Oh yeah Concussion..

Well I woke up early Saturday morning (like 2:30am) and was awake for about 15 minutes because the rash on my hand was SO itchy I couldn't sleep.  I decided to get up to just run my hand under some HOT water. When I was standing at the sink in the kitchen I started to get SUPER hot, and SUPER DIZZY I quickly, shut the water off. I put some peroxided on my rash to take the itch away. (I was desperate) I closed the peroxided and put it on the counter (so i thought..i really drooped it in the sink and it all split)
Next, I walked back to my room, about half way back I couldn't see. Not because it was dark, but because I just like couldn't see everything was black Even in the light. I ended up in my grandmothers room when I banged my head on her wall and windowsill. I don't know why i was in there. In fact I didn't even realise it until a few minutes after I hit my head. I'm not sure if i passed out.
 After I realised where I was I quickly got up, got out and closed the door. I walked to my room and I'm almost 100% sure I passed out. I fell on the floor, smashing my head on my hardwood floors and on the dog cage. OUCH!! I remember hitting my head. and maybe falling asleep. and waking up to Molly laying on my stomach and Gillian licking me through the crate....
When I woke up... I couldn't move. I felt almost like I Had died? It was soo scared. The I cried. I got up and went to my bed! FINALLY!! LOL and i just laid there Crying. For at least 20 minutes. I didn't want to go back to sleep and I didn't want to wake my mom up.  But eventually I texted my mom. and she came. But I remember i just couldn't stop crying. She debated about going to the ER but decided to just bring me to the doctors in the AM.
And so i went to the doctors and was told i have a concussion.

I still went to adoptions on Saturday. I still didn't get my puppies. :( and I still went to school Monday and Today.
My Brain hurts, my head hurt, I'm dizzy, and tired, and extremely irritable and i just can't help it. I am super sensitive to noise. and I sometimes have a hard time remembering what I was just doing saying and what I learned in school.   THIS SUCKS!!

Friday, September 30, 2011

My puppies

So Tomorrow I was soppost to take a litter of 5 puppies... But now they are not coming! I'm soooo upset! I was looking fowards to them too!  The are soppost to be coming next week..but thats just to far a way to cheer me up! I've had such a horrible pass two days! (as i was typing this someone (who's number i do not know) sent me a picture of a rainbow with a caption of "May all your dreams come true")
Here are the pups im soppost to get....  I hope they aren't to big by the time they come!!!!


5 Bluetick pups!: Bluetick Coonhound, Dog; Appomattox, VA

Sunday, September 18, 2011

8 Reasons to foster!

Eight Reasons You Can Foster a Pet -- Even If You Think You Can't

Fostering Cats and Dogs

This article was originally published on the blog.
By Emily Fromm, executive producer
I encourage everyone I know to foster -- even if they're dead set on adopting.

Not only does fostering provide an invaluable service to rescue groups and the shelters who depend on them (not to mention the pets themselves), it's a great way to learn about your own needs as a pet owner. (You can't know if you've got what it takes to walk a young puppy at 1, 3 and 6 a.m. until you've done it!)

But I've heard a lot of excuses -- er, reasons -- why people can't or don't want to foster. So I was delighted to get the article below in a newsletter from the Merrimack River Feline Rescue Society, which answers just about every possible excuse. (It was written by Liz Pease, the shelter's director of operations.)

With shelters overflowing and many people needing temporary care for their pets while they find new housing or weather a crisis, fostering is even more important these days. So print out this list and give it to everyone you know who thinks they just "can't" foster.
"I DON'T HAVE THE SPACE" -- I used to think this too. Then a cat came along that really, really needed me ... and I made the space! All it takes is a small spare bedroom or office, a bathroom, or even a corner where you can set up a playpen cage, which you can borrow from us! While we do need foster cats to stay separate from your own cats, it doesn't take much space to do that. And remember, whatever space you have at home is probably more than the kitty has here at the shelter now! [Editor's note: This is also what I tell people who think they can't adopt a big dog because they live in an apartment--Emily]

"I MIGHT GET ATTACHED" -- OK, yes, you might. But no matter how difficult it is to bring your kitty back to the shelter, just knowing that you're helping to save a life should ease any short-term pain. When you take in a foster cat, it gives us room to help other cats that might otherwise be brought to shelters that euthanize for time and space. It also lets us learn more about a cat's personality than we ever could in a shelter environment, which, in turn, makes the cat much easier to adopt out. Yes, some cats are harder to bring back than others, but be strong! You can do it! (And yes, I've kept one foster cat, but not the 60 that followed that first one!)
"MY OWN CATS WON'T TOLERATE A FOSTER CAT, ESPECIALLY AN ADULT" -- If you have a separate room, this shouldn't be much of a problem. Yes, your cat(s) will know there is another cat in the house, and they may be a little upset about it at first. But chances are they'll get over it pretty quickly, especially if you make sure you wash your hands after visiting with the foster cat and keep the cats from seeing each other if possible. Feliway Comfort Zone diffusers or Rescue Remedy flower essence can also help. Tell your cats they need to help do their part too! Eventually, they will be totally nonchalant about the whole idea of fostering. My cats no longer even bat an eyelash when a foster cat comes into the house.

"I CAN'T AFFORD TO TAKE ANOTHER CAT" -- This one is easy! You can get all your food and litter from MRFRS if you like, and MRFRS covers all medical expenses associated with foster cats! If you buy your own supplies for fosters, save the receipts so you can take a tax deduction!

"A SHELTER CAT MIGHT GET MY OWN CATS SICK" -- If you follow basic health protocols, such as washing your hands between handling cats and wearing an over-shirt when handling the foster cat, you shouldn't have any problems. A sick cat should be kept in a separate room, and bedding/clothing should be washed with bleach after use. We are also happy to provide you with a bottle of heavy-duty kennel disinfectant for cleaning if you like!

"SOMEONE ELSE WILL SAY YES. THERE ARE PLENTY OF OTHER FOSTER HOMES" -- They won't and there aren't. It's that simple. We have lots of folks who will take kittens, but very few who will take adults, and even fewer who will take sick, feral, and/or rabies-quarantine cats. Please help us! Kittens are easy for us to place. But our poor adults need help too.

"I ALREADY HAVE A FOSTER CAT" -- All right. Well, this gets you partly off the hook. But wouldn't your foster kitty like a friend?
While this article is specific to cats and, in some places, to MRFRS, its message applies to most other animals and rescue groups. Of course, every rescue group has different expectations of fosters, but it's true across the board that fosters are desperately needed and fostering is immensely rewarding.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

So my life has been a tad crazy the last few weeks. I don't even know where to start....

 So I'll start off from Seneca, my new bird!
 While I was on vacation in the finger lakes, we had gone out for the day on a tour of the lake. When we go back to the house Michael and Judy had been chilling out on the deck watching a bird Michael called the "Albino Dove."  It was a beautiful bird! It t landing on a dead tree about half way down the back yard. Later that night while we were eating dinner the bird kept flying closer and closer and closer. It eventually flew right over the umbrella of the tables and back on the tree. After about the third time of doing that I stopped watching and took a bite of my food. When all of the sudden, the bird landed on my head. I froze for about 15 seconds to think about hat just happened, and if it really had happened. After all the pictures of the bird i walked inside to help clean up after dinner. We had left the door open; the bird followed me in. I next called my mother to ask if i could keep the newly named bird, Seneca, if she wasn't claimed before we left........ And well you can guess what happened from there :)

A few days after coming home from vacation, I started emailing some places about a part time job. Most places said that they were not hiring right now... :( But the one place that there may be a possible job is at Pups @ Play in Livingston. It is a new doggy day care the actually just opened for business yesterday! It is a bran new place! It looks amazing! Unfortunately, because it is so new the Women was not looking to hire, but she did say I could volunteer! And I jumped at that opportunity! She says she  plans on hiring me part time once the business picks up! I hope that is soon! I start my volunteering On Monday!!!

Lastly, I started school. Ugh!!! I am not looking forwards to this school year! I miss my sophomore teachers and schedule!! It was perfect! This year I have had my schedule changes twice already! The good part is I have a great Spanish teacher..(actually I love all the Spanish teachers!!) and a great...well that's about it! I loved the people in my classes last year! And this year I have more of my friends in my classes, but... I'm going to miss the friends from last year! Everyone says they hated their Junior year..and I'm starting to see why...and i mean the work not everything else! Teacher are really starting to prepare us for our futures. It's kinda neat in a way but In another way I hate it!! I liked being the little baby freshman and sophomores! now I'm an upperclassman.. it'soo strange! to think in like another two school years I will never see most of the people I've known since kindergarten ever again!!  Anyways, I do not LOVE school as much as i did last year but it's tolerable!

PS Bleow is Molly and her Boyfriend Ewing!! :)

And this is Molly's Biological sister Rosemary AKA Roxi!!! Her ownners Love her SOOOOOO much!!!

Saturday, September 10, 2011


My rescue group will be having adoptions at PetSmart in Mt. olive Nj please come by and adopt your new best friends, or if you can't adopt fostering is a great opportunity!!! I hope to see you there!!

Ps I'll write an update soon!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Finger Lakes!!!

So we arrived yesterday at finger lakes. There are nine of us! I'm having a great time. Carly, Mikey, & I all share a room. It a pretty big room!!
Today the three of us went in the lake, carly and I picked out a lot of the brush in the lake. There is a TON!!!!!!! of it!!! Its kinda gross to Hahah!!
We also went fishing??? Well sorta kinda? Mire like played with the fishing poles! Lol! Carly and I also went in the Kayack! We had fun but she got tired so we went back! :)

Omgosh and the view is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I will post pictures when I get home unless I figure out how to post them from my iPod. The deck looks right out to the beautiful clear lake, but there are just the right amount of trees!

I just took a relaxing jaccuzzi with Carly. Them we went and took a shower! ( all in bathing suits). I'm sitting n the coach now relaxing :) well I'm going to go find my phone! Haha

Hurricane Irene!!!

Hurricane Irene!!!
Last night we got hit with hurricane Irene! Luckly it wasn't as bad as expected in our area. There is not much damage to the houses around here. Most of our town is out of power :( They have said it's not expected to be on for another 3- 5 days. Not good!!

I was soppost to leave for the Outter banks today in the early morning. Unfortanutally we are not able to go! :( I'm dissapointed but instead we are going to finger lakes NY! I'm excited but I am disappointed there will be no pool :( the house we are staying in is 100 or less yards from the house there are also 5 bedrooms!!! Woohoo!! :) I'm sooo Excited...

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Encouragement from the stranger at the gym

Today I went to the gym with my friend Kristy <3 (her last name is heart) We had soo much fun swimming! :) While I was starting my work out I swam a 50 (pretty fast too I was soo proud) I realised I forgot to put my cap on. I began to put it on and a Stranger said to me "Don't you put your cap on before you get your hair wet?.. I don't know how you girl's wear those! i'm lucky i'm wearing goggle!" After I swam a 100 of breaststroke, he asked me if I was on a swim team. I replied " I just joined my this year, well this past school year and I was like the WORST on the team so I decide to come here to practice" He told me " you gotta start somewhere. When I was in highschool I had always wanted to do (i forget what sport) but I never did! i really regret it. I didn't do it because I was afraid i'd be the worst. But i'm happy you did try out and become a part of the team. You'll only get better and I see you want to get better!"
 He really made my day after a few laps more we started talking some more.. He was a very nice!
Thank You Stranger!!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Made No sence..But it was a dream


So I was at Woff's N' Whiskers but it was in a differnt spot and it was a daycare for kids..not dogs. There was this group of guys just chilln' there washing cars..yes cars. They were all super hot but such jerks. There was also another pretty good looking guy. He would have been a bit cuter if her lost a few pounds and cut his care and had a bit less acne. But if his face cleared up a tad and he cut his hair.. I'd date him.. Okay back to the dream! So after I talked to Jen and Alissa at Woofs N' Whiskers I walked to this Walmart like store but it wasn't walmart. It wasn;t nearlly as clean as walmart. i went to get school supplies..and those jerky guys followed me there. For some reason I went o go look at babydolls..Those jerks were down that isle before me!! and there was this three pack of dolls (the dolls were next to the coke) Those guys got the dlls and tied them on top of their car. For somereason I got supre duper mad at them for this and chased them on foot. The drove to the car wash the ownner told them that they couldn't go through and stopped the carwash \. Then those jerks locked him up. and pressed the button to start the carwash and I ran  in after those dolls. I got really badly hurt on my head and was alll brused and cut up. I took the car and somethinig about 36 hours I was going to finally pass out from getting hit sohard??? i think?? Then I went back to Woofs N Whiskers and Alissa was like OMGOSH your injury was worse than mine are you okay and being soo nice..and JEN on the other hand...she was MAD at me! She was like "why were you at that scuzzy store anyways you know i don't like you going there. your luck you didn't die." and i kept trying to tell her but she wouldn't listen so I ran acroos the street and passed out in the middle nearly got hit by a car. The next thing I remember was being in a science class and katie grumka was teaching it. And Joe steff was my lab partner and he didn't get that i was soo confused and my head hurt and i didn't remeber what was going on. (this is a very confussing dream ..i know) Next the science teacher came in MR. D and i tryed to tell him what happeded but Nicole R pushed me to the ground and I hit my head again! Then I woke up!

I reallly remembered a lot of detail from that dream! i AM NOT GOING TO GO BACK AND FIX MY  GRAMMER, spelling  or all the random capps... sorry tooo lazy!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011


I haven't been on here in a while!!
  Last week I was house sitting for some wonderful people! :) I Love their Dog Ewing! He was soo good! At night he would come cuddle with you..and I loved that! :) He also taught Molly some new tricks! YAY! Ones I've been trying to teach her FOREVER!!! Thank Ewing!! This week I am Dog/rabbit/fish/bird sitting for a family! The rabbit is very friendly!!!! And during the day I have been taking my neighbor's dog scout for a midday walk and playtime with Molly! Molly Sure Loves it! Oh and I also have a new foster Puppy!! His name is Speckles! He is missing two toes on one of his back paws!It's sooo odd!! He is such a lover he just wants to be held! He is gonna be a big dog! He is a pointer mix! *ithink* He is white with tons of black speckles! and a black head. So adorable!

I love you Speckles! You'll never know how much I Loved you!! you were a great dog!!!

I have been looking sooo forwards to my vacation!!! I'm going  to OBX! SOOO EXCITED! I'm going with my neighbors and their family and friends! There will be a 12 year old and a 6 year old going too!  :) I can't wait! House on the beach with a huge pool, and hot tub!!! oh boy i can't wait!!!!

Saturday, July 30, 2011


I WAS excited for school now i'm NOT

I have been ready for school to start since the last day of school! (weird right??) I LOVED my sophmore year soo mcuh!! It was great a wonderful schedule! I loved it. I liked all of my teachers! It was such a good school year!!!  I wish I could stay in my sophmore year forever!!
  I got my schedule today! I HATE IT!! and why couldn't they give us our teachers!! Like I wanna know if i should switch out of home ec or not but i can't decide! What if i have a really good teacher now and I go and switch and I have a bad teacher... Or what if i have a bad teacher but don't switch! UGH!!! I don't know what to do! I would love to take Spanish 3 and maybe go to spain! ugh!!! And i don't like how my gym switches!!! UGH WP your making me soo mad!! Why couldn't you keep it the same... Freshman should have to deal with only have to chose one elective.. They didn't get to choose any in middle school?? Why not just leave it how it is! Why do the freashmen even nbeed this stupid class they should have it in middle school! Nobody else has ever had it and look how well they all turned out!? Or are you calling us all dumb? Usally by high school people have their own study habbits anyways! Or just let the frshmen have to choose one elective! Really! any why give them the good teachers!! Give em the mean/annoying ones! At this point i wish i could just be done with school! I know im geetting all worked up over nothing I can fix and its not to big a deal but i'm really annoyed and miss my old teachers and classes sooo much!!! Right down Guidnce Department and whoever else makes the schedules and who ever came up with the STUPID freshmen class! I STONGE STRONGLY STRONGLY STRONGLY STRONGLY STRONGLY STRONGLY DISLIKE YOU! Like I said i would soo just drop out of school if i didn't want to have a good life sooo badly!! or not even a good life caz id be able to... more soo caz i need a roof over my head!!! UGH and i just found out i dont have lunch with my best friend!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Vacation is over!

So, I'm home from Cape Cod! I had a great time! :) Molly and Bella also enjoyed themselves! Bella Loves Cape Cod! She is soo good up there! But today the first thing she did when she got in the house was pee! UGH!!! I love Vacation beacsue I just eat, (pretty un healthly too) Now i'm regreating it! I deffently gained weight! I am going to start my Gym and healthy eatting tomorrow! I'm trying to find a good swim workout for tomorrow! :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cape Cod

So i'm in cape cod for the week! I was finally able to bring a friend up. Yay! I love the friend I brought! And I don't regret bringing her in any way! But in a way i wish she was 't my sisters friend as well as mine! I didn't know her friend. It didn't reAlly bother me at first... But now that I'm getting to know her friend and talk to her my sister is starting to get moody and she doesn't even want me to talk to her! What? Am I suppose to just be atoms her and make it always or be rude??? Ugh and my mom is mad at me for no reason... What the heck man?? Anyways...

I am having so much fun! We have been to the beach a few times! It was nice! The weather has been great! It was rainy yesterday but we had fun anyways! We went to p-town. And the other day we rented a boat, the water was VERY rough! I didn't enjoy the boat! Too bumpy! Oh n Chatham has been fun!! :) well watching dr phill update later

Friday, July 8, 2011


So The past few days have been GREAT! I've had so much fun!
 On Wednesday, I went to the Zoo with one of my good friends Kristy. IT was a lot of fun, but very HOT! We had fun running around on the playground even though we are toobig for most of the stuff. It brought back a ton of memories!  :) There was this one goat there and it was Beautiful! I wanted to take it home!

On Thursday I was surprised and was taken down the shore with my big sister. We had a BLAST its was great to spend time together! It had been a while! The water was chilly untill you went under. The waves were hudge and at one point the wave had overpowered me and had me all twisted up! We also went on the boardwalk. We got a dress and some candy...and of course fried oreos!! (Love those things)  We got home late that night and relised I was BURNT! :/.. But thats okay I still had a great day!

Today I volunteered some time at the kennel! It was nice, because I hadn't been there in a while! When my mom came to pick me up she brought Molly and Bella! It was soo cool to have them there!.. They both got a bath! YAY!

Tomorrow I have adoptions for my rescue group! I'm looking fowards to it, but i'm so tired!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Yay! The next week will hopefully be super busy! So far Today, I am going to the zoo! Yay! Saturday I will be at adoptions, next tuesday I am going to the zoo and ne t Thursday I am going to the beach!!! Wooohoo!!! So excited! Hopefully something else will come along!! I really wanna try to stay super busy! Plus get out and be outside!

Friday, July 1, 2011

I wanna Be an Animal Control Officer

I'm always dreaming about my future. I'm always planning it!  I want to be an Animal Control Officer. I know you don't get paid to much. And you usually start out part time but It's what I want to do. I already know I love it! I like how each day you never know what your calls Will be and each day brings new challenges. It's interesting! In NJ you have to be 18 to take the certification courses. I really want to take those course as soon as possible after I turn 18. The only issue would be that the course are usually weekdays during May and June.... I'm still in school. I'm not sure my High school would allow me to miss 7 days of school. But maybe because it is a college course? I also would like to take other classes/certifications during the year and possibly  the online class at Rutgers to help better my career for animal control.  I'd also like to take the basic course for managing kennels and shelters. that is a three day course.... My school would never let me miss that much school...and I'd really like to get certified asap!!! Plus I also have to take the animal cruelty investigates..... The only real reason I am going to college is to have a back up plan and gain more knowledge on animal health..... (vet tech)..But if I could I deff. just become aco!

Thursday, June 30, 2011


When I graduate High School...

I want to buy a farm. It has to have a house with atleast 4 bedrooms! It must have a barn! I would love for it to have an in ground pool. I want to be able to raise goats and a family with   four kids! :) .......
That was my random thought for that day!! :)

Monday, June 27, 2011

First Offical Day of Summer Vaction!

Today was a good day. Molly Woke me up around 8:45ish my licking my face. I got up and felt like because it was the first day of summer I should put my bathing suit on!! :) I layed out in the snow tube in the pool for a bit. Later on Mandy and Kristy came over! We had a ton of fun watching shows from when we were little like: barney, rugrats, hey Arnold, rocket power, Doug, and The wild thorn berries. We than went to 7elevn and got Ben and Jerry's... We ate it as we watched secret like and switched at birth! Today was a really great kick off to summer! :)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Molly Sage!

Molly Day 6

3 weeks

3 weeks

3 weeks

4 weeks

5 weeks

9 weeks

11 weeks

15 weeks

16 weeks

This is what we do Every sunday morning since she was born!!

I love my Molly Girl! She is All my own! I feed her, pay for her and get her everything she needs! :)
Molly Girl day  4