Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Award Part 1

I became involved in helping animals in 2004. I started by collecting donations for St. Hubert’s of Madison, NJ. I continued to learn different ways to help shelter animals. I began spreading the word about adopting animals, rather than purchasing them from breeders or pet stores. Three years later, in 2007, I learned about fostering. I began fostering for Purrs N Pups animal Rescue Team in July of 2007 and I continue to foster still today. I am extremely involved in the rescue; I attend every adoption event, transport, and fundraiser.  I also have taken on other tasks such as, writing contracts, filling paperwork,  making fliers, posters and donation boxes, assisting administering and recording medical work, running a Facebook page (“Opt To Adopt”),  a blog (purrsnpupsanimalrescue.blogspot.com), and updating the groups Petfinder.com animal list. I am considered a  critical volunteer in the rescue, my foster work benefits every single animal I “speak up” to foster. If I don’t speak up for my foster animals they would be put to sleep and not given a second chance. The blog page and Facebook page that I run helps to educate the public of why it is incredibly important to alter their pets, and should opt to adopt.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

New Fosters And Foster Update!!

So i'll start off by Posting Updated Pictures of my Mamma and her pups! They are gowing so fast and changing so much!! I am so glad human babbies don't grow and learn this fast! They are 4 weeks old! (as of thursday!)

This is Mom! She is such a lover!! :)

And this is Rusty! He is my new foster. These pictures don't do him anything. He is adorable and loves people and other dogs! He is just so pretty!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Concussion Update!!!!!

So, on October 1st I fainted and hit my head. Not Once but twice! I now have a concussion. Today is the Twenty-first and I STILL have most symptoms of it! :( I have been going to doctors every week! It's been kinda crazy, but its involved a LOT of Red Mango! :)  I went to the Concussion and Sports Center Monday, they Sent me to the neurologist, because they wanted to check for a seizure. (i really didn't like them. To much to explain) On Tuesday I had that appointment. They told me I needed and MRI and an EEG. They also are sending me to the cardiologist. because they want to make sure my heart didn't stop. I haven't had that appointment yet, but I am sure I will be getting an EKG. (i think that's what it is) I also went to the dermatologist I have eczema. YAY! NOT! But at least it is something! :) I am being treated with a high prescription cream. It is helping!

At times I just want to cry and I get so mad. All of this is starting to break me. But talking Helped. I talked to one of my FAVORITE teachers today! She really knows how to cheer me up. I really wish she was my teacher this year, because I barely get to talk to her, but whatev. But talking to her really help! :)

Other then my Concussion Issues, my Puppies are growing and growing! They don't look to much like bears anymore! I will be naming them the first 5 letters in the Greek alphabet. :) I would post pictures. But I am on my mom's computer because I didn't feel like fighting with mine.

I have also been reading a blog. It is a mother who blogs. Her daughter was diagnosed with cancer in February. She has blog her journey through out it. When I read it, I remember how lucky I am to only have a concussion. Her little 5 year old has cancer! Thank goodness she is doing well from her chemo. but  she had to fight for her life! Her little girl is so strong, so is the little girl's big sister! (if you type in "Go Lucy Go" in google you should come to her blog)

Friday, October 14, 2011

will you Save Us??

Hey Everyone!

 My good Friend who is just amzing saves dogs from death row in Gergia and Bring them to diffenent Rescue who have foster homes.  She is looking for a foster for two sisters. The sisters are not too big. They are small to a small medium. They are Just so cute! I love their little faces! I would take but I'm a little full with mom and 5 and a concussion...
Please Help these girls
They are fully vaccinated, and heart-worm tested. They will be spayed on Monday!!! PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!! These Girls are calling out for help??? Will you answer Their Silent cry for it??

 She is a it shy at first. But when you earn her trust..she is just a love!! Please give he the love that shes never had before!!!

This is her sister. Just look at the faces!! Don't they just melt your heart!!

Fostering is such a wonderful learning opportunity for everyone! Please Help These Girls!! Email me at bahillman211@aol.com to HELP!!



am an animal rescuer.
am allergic to almost every animal
am sixteen years old.
am not the smartest person.
ignor my stress from school to save just one more animal
ignor when my parents say "no more fosters"
ignor the comments theat try to hold me back
ignor my allergies for my love of animals

save dogs from death row.
save dogs from inhumane situations
save dogs who are unwantes
save dogs who are "strays"
save dogs that were made "by accident"
save dogs from sick people
save dogs that others normal turn their back on
save dogs that NEED me
save dogs who don't know why they are where they are
save lives.

try my best
try to do all i say i will
try to make everyone happy

love to volunteer.
love Bella Abby Hilman
love Molly Sage Hillman
love supportive people in my life
love people who I know I can talk to and will tell the harsh truth even tho they don't want to
love postive people
love people who say "You won't achive that"
love animal rescue
love the feeling that you get when you prove people wrong
love wildlife animals
love pitbulls

have a pitbull
have a beagle
have 3 guinea pigs
have so little time to do all I want
have a few people who understand.
have many goals in life.
have so many things to do
have different piororites then most people my age

will be an animal control officer
will have a house of my own
will have a large property
will have goats
will save to lives of animals in need
will be an animal disaster volunteer
will up speak for the ones who can't

A few thing I, am, save, willl do, have, love, ignor, and, try.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Can you Please Vote for my Rescue!!!??

The Challenge is ON!!

Please Everyone Take 3 minutes to Vote For Purrs N Pups Animal Rescue In Petfinder's Shelter Challenge!!
What you Do is:
Click This Link:

Next, You put "United States" , "New Jersey", and then "Andover" for the city.

Then, Purr N Pups Animal rescue Should be the only one that comes up.. If not scroll down Until you see Purrs N Pups Animal Rescue!!

After, Click "VOTE"

Second to last, you will have to enter the codes to make sure you are not a robot!(LOL)

Finally, Do it again tomorrow!!
(you can vote on every device computer, laptop, cellphone, ipod)


Monday, October 10, 2011

An apple a day keeps the doctor away!!!..maybe

Well, Yesterday I went Apple Picking with my sisters and mother! We had a pretty good day!! :) My favorite apples are the golden Delicious! :) So YUMMY In my Tummy!!!!LMAO

After Apple picking yesterday we went to TGIF. Is it me or is every single TGIF's service slow???? There wasn't  really anyone there either!! UGH! I was getting so mad! Ever since my concussion i can't stand people... Animals.on the other hand...as long as they aren't barking i don't mind them!!
And my frustration.. oh my!! I get frustrated so easily!! it's so hard to not get frustrated these days!!!

and worse of all.......NO SWIMMING!!! :( I'm so sad!!
But I've got some pups to cheer me up!!

Aren't the just so adorable!!!

this is momma!! Suggestions for names??

they look like litte Bears!

Never wake sleeping babbies!!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Heyy Everyone,

 As I may have mentioned is pervious post, I have started to volunteer at Pups@Play! A brand New Doggie Day Care in Livingston NJ! This place is AWSOME!!! I love it!!! Molly LOVES it too!! She knows they way there too! HAHA Molly smells the place soo much that she never wants to leave!! Molly even goes there on days that I don't volunteer! She truely LOVES it! She comes Home sooo tired too! Lori, the ownner, she is just a great person and loves every dog! She is wonderful. I so highly reccommend Pups @ Play. Its so new and soo clean!! It smells so fresh as well!!! Please come by for a tour and Bring your dog.. At least for one day!! :) They'lll love it!!!

Click here to learn more!!!! 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


So, Whats New With me???
   Well, I have a foster dog! :) Her name is Gillian. Her name was previously Ears/Pebbles. She is such a good dog for being in a kennel for 98% of her life. She isn't house trained yet but she gets closer each day. She is Pretty smart. She learned "Sit" "Come" and "Down" In just one week. She has learned new manners as well. She is almost perfect on a leash. No Pulling!! YAY! She also takes treaks very gently and is good around little kids. She LOVES to give kisses and doesn't want.'t to harm anyone. She LOVES to play play play with other dogs. Although she will settle down when the other dog does or there are no dogs around. She loves to just come sit by you! She is great around Guinea pigs, and birds but prefers no cats, as she may play a little to rough with them, but she means no Harm!!! Gillian is such a great dog and I hope she finds a home soon!! :) Please pass this write up along if you know anyone looking for a dog. She is about 7mths old is I think she is a Lab Corgi mix.
Gillian: Black Labrador Retriever, Dog; Andover, NJ
Isn't she Adorable?????

Hmmm. Let's see... Oh yeah Concussion..

Well I woke up early Saturday morning (like 2:30am) and was awake for about 15 minutes because the rash on my hand was SO itchy I couldn't sleep.  I decided to get up to just run my hand under some HOT water. When I was standing at the sink in the kitchen I started to get SUPER hot, and SUPER DIZZY I quickly, shut the water off. I put some peroxided on my rash to take the itch away. (I was desperate) I closed the peroxided and put it on the counter (so i thought..i really drooped it in the sink and it all split)
Next, I walked back to my room, about half way back I couldn't see. Not because it was dark, but because I just like couldn't see everything was black Even in the light. I ended up in my grandmothers room when I banged my head on her wall and windowsill. I don't know why i was in there. In fact I didn't even realise it until a few minutes after I hit my head. I'm not sure if i passed out.
 After I realised where I was I quickly got up, got out and closed the door. I walked to my room and I'm almost 100% sure I passed out. I fell on the floor, smashing my head on my hardwood floors and on the dog cage. OUCH!! I remember hitting my head. and maybe falling asleep. and waking up to Molly laying on my stomach and Gillian licking me through the crate....
When I woke up... I couldn't move. I felt almost like I Had died? It was soo scared. The I cried. I got up and went to my bed! FINALLY!! LOL and i just laid there Crying. For at least 20 minutes. I didn't want to go back to sleep and I didn't want to wake my mom up.  But eventually I texted my mom. and she came. But I remember i just couldn't stop crying. She debated about going to the ER but decided to just bring me to the doctors in the AM.
And so i went to the doctors and was told i have a concussion.

I still went to adoptions on Saturday. I still didn't get my puppies. :( and I still went to school Monday and Today.
My Brain hurts, my head hurt, I'm dizzy, and tired, and extremely irritable and i just can't help it. I am super sensitive to noise. and I sometimes have a hard time remembering what I was just doing saying and what I learned in school.   THIS SUCKS!!