Saturday, March 24, 2012

4 years
pointer mix

Max(tank): Pointer, Dog; Andover, NJMax is a really strong personality but wants to make you happy. He is very affectionate and loving and wants attention all the time. He doesn't realize his own size or strength and may paw you or jump up on you, never to hurt you only for attention. Simple training will fix this problem. His sister Ruby was adopted a few months ago and now Max Really wants a home to call his own. Max Barks at other dogs while in the crate because he is protecting him self from the dogs on the outside. When he is out of the crate he gets along well with other dogs.  Max would love a foster home or a home to call his own.

Plott Hound Mix
approx 2 years

Molly is a wonderful dog who loves EVERYONE. She had a litter of puppies and was a fantastic mother to them. All of her pups have been adopted and now it is her turn. She walks well on a leash and knows "sit" She is crate trained and house broken.  Molly is great Will most dogs after she warms up to being around them. While in the crate Molly may bark or growl at other dogs, but it is only because she is protecting her crate.  Molly really is a sweet girl who would love a foster home or a home to call her own.


Amstaff Mix
2 years old

Angelina was rescued from a Kill shelter in VA when she was pregnant and due to be put sleep. She is nervus when she first meets someone but gets used to them after a few minutes. She is "okay" with some dogs. She does play rough when playing but not agressive when playing. She LOVES food and will do anything to get to it. She doesn't like to share her food. But She is usally fed in  a seperate room not making it a problem. She is NOT crazy about kids. She will not hurt them but doesn't like when they are running or playing around her. (she get scared) When kids are nice and calm around her they are NOT an issue. Angelina is really a wonderful dog once she settles in. Her foster mom REALLY wants to keep her but is unable to.  

Bella Nicole

Bella Nicole
14 Weeks

IMG_0853.JPGBella Nicole is a sweet girl! She is only 14 weeks so she is an energetic puppy still. She is very smart and knowsn the command "Come".  She is crate trained but is still working on the house training. She LOVES food and wll do anything to get to it! She is very treat motivated making it easier to train her. Her Mom is Angelina, Who is an AmStaff. I think she will be around the same sixe as her mom or a little bit taller.  She was adopted out, just as her 4 brothers and 1 sister were, but she she wa returend due to her "family" not having the time for her. Bella Nicole Loves to play but after she gets to play and run around she simply calms down and cuddles. She LOVES to be outside aswell. Please consider Making this little baby, your Little baby!!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Scallop potatoes
These were SO!!! Good! I will deff eat these when i have the chance!! Sooo good