Saturday, December 31, 2011


Sothis year for Christmas I revived a ton of money. Usally I would save it this but year I spent it on an iPhone!

This is my first post from my I phone!!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


    Sometime I feel so isolated from my family. Don't get me wrong I love my family very much and I KNOW they all love me back as well. Just sometimes i feel isolated.
   I am the black sheep of my entire family. I am different and proud of it but at the same time it makes my life so difficult. My sisters and mother have the same personality time and their mood change almost instantly. It is very hard to live around.  My father on the other had isn't as bad and knows how to act and is quite professional may I add. But sometimes he just doesn't get that you don't always get what you want. (well he understands but if it's something that is so stupid he just wont let it go) 
   I feel I view  life much differently then most people.  I see both sides to most things so therefore I agree with most things. I feel I get along with just about anyone but sometime I'm just so different I just can't fit in to what everyone is talking about or doing. I am also not very outgoing to I feel that takes part in some of that. 
  My family is very much into colorgaurd and marching band. I tried it an I did't like it. It wasn't my thing. I honestly hated it. I do have to give credit to those people who do do it. I think that's wonderful. I just don't like it for myself. I love animals and i love doing animal rescue. My family doesn't seem to understand how importat it is to me tho. I know they know it's important. But i don't think they actually know why,  not do they appreciate  what I do. 
 My mother will go along with it and pretend she knows what she is talking about and my father will tell people what I do to make himself look good. But nethier of them say why I do it. Or spread the word about why THEY should try it. It just bothers me.
  My parents love what my sisters do and I just feel isolated sometimes because I  am different. The worse is when the forget  to call me for dinner. Or when the I forget to tell me they are going shopping or out to eat.

Other times rather then feeling isolated I feel jelious. And very much so. For example, My little sister was in the hospital. Yes I was scared, scared for her, and scared about her health but more so I was mad. I was mad at her for once again getting ALL of the attention. I purposely fought with my mom so I could get a little bit more attention out of it. It really is a horrible thing because my sister needed my parents then, but i couldn't help myself. In a way i just felt anger at her and my mom and I wanted a way to get back. And last febuary when my older sister was in  the hospital i was angry at her because she took the attention away from me, during MY birthday. I was angry. But I din.didn't show it. I showed it to one person but I showed it to her more so as sympathetic (for my sister) then jealous.
      I feel that if I were to tell my parents how I felt they would be offended rather then happy that i could tell them something like that. I did try telling my mom one time by texting her. I just got in trouble and she didn't understand. I will never be able to tell anyone because I don't want them to think I am a selfish brat who doesn't care about her sisters. I do care and love my sisters SO much and I would do almost anything to save them from danger, but I get mad at them when they take MORE attention away from me. It hurts but no one seem or will understand it. So for now I will leave it at that. 

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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Angel I miss you!

 Angel. She was so desperate. Calling for help. Helpless as can be. Alone. Scared. and on DEATH ROW.

I was sent Angel's picture in a weekly email from my rescue. She and her 6 puppies we found in a basement searching for higher grounds. Somehow the basement of the house that Angel had lived had been flooded out. Angel was abandoned and left to die, along with her pups. Angel used all of her will to make it out alive. Someone had called Animal Control, and Angel was rescued from one bad situation. She thought she was safe and took a big sign of relief. Little did my Angel girl know that the run shelter she would be placed in meant DEATH ROW! Again Angel tried to save her family.
The shelter had taken a picture and emailed it to PNP's Director. She place her picture on the weekly email under the dogs that needed rescuing. Her soulful eyes melted my mom and me. I cried when I saw her picture. I needed her, and she needed me.

 A transport was arranged for the following Saturday. Angel Arrived in NJ the weekend before Thanksgiving. I loved her from the second I met her. She was the BEST dog.  She was scared of where she was thinking it was another place where she

 may have to save her family from danger AGAIN!
 Once Angel trusted me, She never left my side. I love her. Once she finished nursing her puppies she started to sleep on my bed.
 All of her puppies were adopted by the first weekend of the new year.(2010) Angel however still had a long way to go. When Angel was at the Shelter in VA, she was HW tested as she should be. Her HW test came back positive. The shelter needed her to be rescued so bad they said if we (Pnp) could take her until her puppies got adopted they would transport her back down to VA for treatment and then send her back up.
  Due to the best interest in the rescue and Angel's health this was the plan. Angel was sent back down to VA mid- January. Saying goodbye was the hardest thing to do. I know it wasn't a true goodbye but I feared that she would slip her collar, run away, be picked up by Animal Control and killed. I sent almost weekly emails to the Director asking if she had heard anything about Angel.
  The days felt like months and the weeks felt like years, but finally my Angel girl came home.  She had been gone for a little under a month. I was so happy that Angel was home for my Birthday. It was my only Birthday wish.
  After a few weeks Angel was posted on and brought to adoption event. I loved bringing her up to adoptions because I loved to spend the extra time with her. Nobody would every look at her and the people that did I didn't feel they were the right match.
  I felt that I was the perfect match. I just wanted to keep Angel. I felt like she was already mine. I loved her so much and started to not be able to remember a time without her. Angel Loved me to. If I said "owww" She would come running to make sure I was okay.
  The only thing Angel did bad was run away. She never went far but she would always find a way to sneak out the front door or get through the gate on the deck or somehow get out through the basement. My parents complimented keeping her but never really thought it was a good idea. I beg and beg and beg until I finally came to terms that I wasn't the one for her.
  It was April and we had gotten a WONDERFUL application on my girl. I was in love with the application. It happened to be be spring break so we were able to meet the family mid-week at our house. They had brought their other dog along to meet my Angel. They were best friends in no time. And they even looked like sisters!
  The family LOVES her. Almost as much as I do.  I cried the day she left. I didn't cry tears of sorrow, but rather tears of joy. I was happy for my girl that her long hard journey was over. I still am very happy for her.

I love Angel and I will never forget her nor her story. She touched me in ways no other dog has. I will always consider her as one of my dogs even if I never owned her. I know the chance are slim but I hope she remembers me.
  She sent me a Christmas present last year. It meant so much to me. It is a Christmas ordainment with her picture in it. I keep it out all year right next to my bed. She Will forever protect me and be in m heart.

                                                                               I am so happy she is home, but my heart aches so much around Christmas for her. I feel so guilty I didn't keep her. I am so jealous of the family that adopted her, but I know she is living life on the large side and is living a life I wouldn't be about to give her. She loves  her "sister" and is happy with all the exercise she gets. I just wish I could be the one who gets to love her everyday, walk her and feed her, and comfort her when she needs it. I miss her but I know she is in WONDERFUL Awesome amazing A PHENOMENAL home with EXCEPTIONAL people who adore her way much! I just wish I could see her or dog sit her one time!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Follow your dreams..

When people say "no" I say "yes". When people say "don;t even try it" I say "watch this" When people say your "contridictiing yourself" I say "i'm steering my own life thanks"

I am sixteen and unusual. I love animal rescue and I'm proud of it. Many of my friends don't understand it. Many of my friends don't understand why! I don't do animal rescue just because "I'm a "typical" animal lover"

-------Huh? What is an animal lover  anyways? According to most ordinary people an animal lover is a              person who loves animals (usually household pets) To me an animal lover  is one who love to be around all animal wild and domestic. One who may not want or particuallry favor that animal but will save it's life or keep it in humane conditions. -------

Anyways I do animal rescue because it's the right thing to do. I want to speak up for the ones who don't have a voice. Or the ones that are being kept in small cages in inhumane conditions at "animal mill". I want to stand up and speak for those who are loosing their homes due to deforestation or to any other humanly caused issue. I want to speak for those who are killed daily in shelters. Those who are tossed in the back of garbage trucks simple because they showed too much love. Or the ones who are being beheaded because a humane injection is not in the budget? Or the ones who are being shot at or attacked or any other way an animal is being mistreated and not LOVED.
   Every animal (humans are animal, along with cats, dogs, pigs,  rats, hamsters. tigers, bears, fish, snakes, monkeys..everything) should have love in their life no matter what the species, sex, age, breed, color sexuality, or any other factor. Life needs love in order to survive.
   I do animal rescue because I want to help the cause, rather then sit back and "look in" at the issue. That isn't right.. It's like bulling. If you were to be a bystander in bullying, you are just "looking in on the issue". If you are the victim you are like the animal taking the abuse. If you are the bullyer you are like the one causing the issue and you should be prosecuted.  If you are the one who steps up and helps, you are like the animal rescuer.
  I do animal rescue because i'm addicted. Yes, My name is Brigette H****** and I am on the drug of ANIMAL RESCUE. Animal rescue is very addictive. Do you remember learning about how people become addicted to drugs because of the feeling they get from the drug, like being high? They continue to do that drug because they want to get that high, again? Well if animal rescue was considered a drug.. I'd be considered a drug-addict There are so many different emotions that a very involved animal rescue person goes through. Here are some:

  1. The stress. Any thing in life will give you stress. But you need it to live.
  2. That indescribable feeling when an animal that you have been working with so hard to earn it's trust, FINALLY shows the slightest bit of trust towards you. It's almost like a teacher repeatedly teaching a student a lesson or explaining something, and it finally clocks. Or when a parent has been trying to teach their child how to ride a bike and the child finally does it on their own.
  3. That moment when the aniaml is finally "home", "saved", "out of pain",  "healthy" "is givin love"
  4. LOVE!  The biggest one. Yes love is a super strong word but here is isn't string enough. Love isn't thrown around enough in rescue. How can you no pet a dog asking for love? Yes, asking for love because all he wants to do is be loyal to you even if you beat him. (it's horrible but true!)
Lastly, I do animal rescue because I can't say NO! Can you???
"The eyes never lie......Rescue, Don't buy!"
This fella is no longer alive. He was gassed to death at a kill shelter.
all quotes under the pictures are taken from ------------>>>

"Can You walk away from a dog that wants to be loved?"
Obviously people can; This guy was dumped at a kill shelter and KILLED!
I can't walk away from one who wants to be loved. That is why I do animal rescue.

Taken from  Yes Someone did shoot this dog with an arrow. THATS WHY I DO RESCUE! He was rescued. The arrow was removed and luckily JUST missed several organs. He is now happily living with a LOVING family!!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

ALL I WANT FOR CHristmas!!

My last blog was about what I wanted for christmas!! Here is what I want but in a bit more detail!!!! PLEASE MAKE MY WISH COME TRUE!!! I WANT TO FOSTER HER B4 her puppies are born!!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

All I want for Christmas is...

This Christmas I don't want it to be about the gifts I  get. I want it to be about the gifts I give. (No, I don't mean actual presents) This Christmas season I want to give  gifts that are to big to wrap. I want to help the people who need it.. or the animals who need it! 
 Christmas isn't suppose to be about the things you get, it's about the unseen gifts that are given.  I realised this today when I was helping a friend come up with gift idea. This Christmas I want to do three things to give back.
 1.) I want to Help Purrs N' Pups raise $15,000. Yes this IS a lot but a heck of a lot less then $30,000. $30,000 is their vet bill. How? you may ask... well it's from all the animals that get sick and require vet care. You may ask why? Why? only $15,000 dollars that you want to HELP raise? Well the vet, they offered a Christmas Challenge! They offered to cut the bill in half IF we are able to RAISE $15,000 by December 31st 11:59pm. The vet along with us wants to help Purrs N' Pups Animal Rescue to start off without a vet bill debt for 2012!! This is truly a once in a life time thing. Go to any rescue and ask how many times that has happened. I am sure they will tell you NEVER!! Please Help me Help PURRS N' PUPS ANIMAL RESCUE raise this MONEY! If donate you will get a tax deduction receipt!! PLEASE! Help my Christmas wish come true!!
2.)I would love to volunteer at an animal shelter in my area on Sundays to help walk and socialize some dogs. 
3.) I want to foster a pregnant, pit bull, or any other dog that is larger and is in URGENT need of rescuing.

Forget the IPhone I wanted... I want these gifts!! They are so much more meaningful to me!!!

Friday, December 2, 2011

How do I know?

ahhhhhh...a sigh of relief for the night!

Bella, my beagle mix, hasn't been doing so well the past two days. She has been very lethargic, not eating, or if she does eat getting sick, drinking water but not keeping it down,  and not walking very well. She usually loses food and can hear/smell it from a mile away. I have been worried so much the past two days that I have even feared passing out again. (when we found out Bell has cushing disease I passed out and got a concussion the same night) Last night I couldn't look at  Bella without crying she just looked so miserable. This morning she looked the same. During most of the day when I checked in on her things were still the same. Tonight, God blessed her and I got a text that said she was doing good. She had walked outside to get her bone and then chewed on it. She then wanted to bury it again! Then when I got home and was getting my pizza, she started to beg! I have never been so happy to see her beg. I couldn't resist her painful efforts to jump up on me; she got some pizza tonight. I was able to look at her and NOT cry but I still saw pain in her eyes.

Nobody wants to put their cat or dog to sleep.

I have never not known when it's time to let one go. All of my foster puppies I knew, i just knew when they weren't going to make it. With Bella It's different. But Why?
 Is it because she is my firstest dog ever? Is it because I am selfish? Is it because I keep second guessing myself? Is it because I haven't had enough time? Is it because we didn't spend enough time together for me to know? How am I suppose to know when it's time? How do I know that there is nothing else that will possible help her with out putting her in more pain? How do I know that the people who are telling me there's nothing else to do are right? How do I know?

I don't want to be selfish and not send her to the bridge. But I don't want to be selfish and send her too soon because I can't take it anymore. I don't know what to do and I don't think I ever really will. I love My Bella Abby. How do I know if there really is a heaven that we WILL meet again at. I know she will always be with me in my heart, but It just won't be the same!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Bella Abby Hillman

Dear Bella,
  It was exactly 7 years and 350 days ago that we first met. You were just 12 weeks old the most. You looked at me with those big ol' beagle ears and those eyes, those eyes that just melted my nine year old heart. You were so innocent as was I. I looked at the others in the shelter but kept coming back to you. The shelter volunteer gave me some "milk bones" to give to you, you loved them. Then it was time to leave, I cried I didn't want to leave you, I just wanted to LOVE you! Boy did I not know how much I would ever love you until the day you left me!
  The following day was Saturday, We brought Mommy to meet you. She wasn't thrilled that you were a hound but she loved you anyways. She wanted the chi mix puppy but daddy and I didn't we wanted YOU! So YOU it was! We had to leave you for another few days so that you could get spayed. But before we left you we played until the shelter closed in the grass field. ( I wish I could back to that day) I remember wanting our mommy and  daddy to call the shelter each day to check up on you. They said they did, but honestly I don't think they did.
  That same weekend was by far the worse for Amanda, Marlene, their father and grandmother. Janice (the girl's mother) had died. We were so upset to loose such a person. But I felt lucky, because I was getting YOU! Mommy and Daddy told me not to act to excited because I would hurt Amanda and Marlene's feeling.
   The burial was scheduled for the 8th. We were scheduled to come get you the 8th.  We went to the ceremony and then the lunch. I couldn't wait to show you off to Jessie, my now "second best friend". You had taken her spot of "First Best Friend Until The Day we Die" or FBFUTDWD. That was only semi-right, you are still my best friend, there isn't a day that goes by that I don't miss you.
After the ceremony we went to the shelter and I couldn't move my nine year old legs fast enough. I ran through the doors and to your run. Run number 2! The volunteer gave us a red leash and red collar. I got to put them on you. Elizabeth got to walk you out! You sat in the back seat with me but once the car started u hide under daddy's seat.
   When we got you home  we let you run FREE in the house! You ran and ran and ran and ran. You nearly ran into every single wall! Then Elizabeth and I taught you a trick.... mommy and daddy weren't to happy because we taught you how to jump up on us!! HEHE!!!
   As the first year past you and I because best friends! We loved each other and clearly you love me as much as i loved you because you'd always take MY stuff or sleep on MY stuff! Like " Pengy Jr." I will keep him forever so I can remember YOU. He now sleeps on my bed again, as he did when you were still with me. I say goodnight to YOU through him every night.
  You were a pretty bad dog for the first couple years. But I didn't care I loved you anyways!!! You were always getting into the garbage and running away. You always ran away when it was snowing and I would always chase after you, and be to tired to move by the time I caught you.
  You also had a new collar almost every month. Anytime I found a collar I liked I'd buy it for you. You must have had at least 40 collars.My favorite one was you red ones.
  I hope you understand that when I adopted Molly she didn't replace you in any way. Only opened a new part to me that I never knew. You are not a just my first dog..your must more that "just a dog" you were my First Best Friend Until the Day we Die! but now... now you are my BEST FRIEND FOREVER! Although we are separated for now, we will meet again on "rainbow bridge"
...We finally Brought you to the cape your last summer. You loved it! I knew you would! It was fun to finally bring you with us. It was so much fun taking you to the beach and watching you swim! I could't believe how much you enjoyed the water. I wish we could have been there more. But when we meet again, I promise we can be on the beach!
 Your Last few months were a roller coaster for me. It was hard for me to accept that it was time. I struggled with the mention of loosing you. But I knew it would be time. I knew I couldn't keep you like this. I had to convince the rest of the family that it would be time. And you sure showed them.
 Luckily Jen and Lisa were able to comfort you and US in our last few hours together. It was HORRIFIC watching you pass, I can't say you weren't in pain because I heard you whimper but I can say you knew you would be okay.
 I felt numb after you left me. I couldn't think, breath, eat, cry, laugh, or move. It was weird. I remember I just wanted to cry, but I couldn't. I felt I had to be strong, strong for YOU, because YOU were always strong for me.  It has taken months but I was finally able to process it all any let it all out. Now even if I see your picture I will laugh because of the memory or cry because of the pain of missing you.

Today Is the day before Thanksgiving. Tomorrow I will be decorating and seeing all YOUR holiday decorations. I'll be sure I hang them so you can look down and see that I will never forget you for One day of this Holiday Season!

My Little Bella Girl, Why did you have to go so young? You were just 7 years young! I'll never understand why you left this earth so soon, but thank you for the Lessons you have taught me, and continue to teach me! I love you forever and always!