Thursday, June 30, 2011


When I graduate High School...

I want to buy a farm. It has to have a house with atleast 4 bedrooms! It must have a barn! I would love for it to have an in ground pool. I want to be able to raise goats and a family with   four kids! :) .......
That was my random thought for that day!! :)

Monday, June 27, 2011

First Offical Day of Summer Vaction!

Today was a good day. Molly Woke me up around 8:45ish my licking my face. I got up and felt like because it was the first day of summer I should put my bathing suit on!! :) I layed out in the snow tube in the pool for a bit. Later on Mandy and Kristy came over! We had a ton of fun watching shows from when we were little like: barney, rugrats, hey Arnold, rocket power, Doug, and The wild thorn berries. We than went to 7elevn and got Ben and Jerry's... We ate it as we watched secret like and switched at birth! Today was a really great kick off to summer! :)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Molly Sage!

Molly Day 6

3 weeks

3 weeks

3 weeks

4 weeks

5 weeks

9 weeks

11 weeks

15 weeks

16 weeks

This is what we do Every sunday morning since she was born!!

I love my Molly Girl! She is All my own! I feed her, pay for her and get her everything she needs! :)
Molly Girl day  4

Friday, June 24, 2011

Each Chapter in Life Needs Some Sort of Closing

Today was my last of my sophomore year! Usually at this time of the year I'm so excited for summer. This year is different! I just didn't want school to end. It was a fantastic year! I built up so much more confidence in my self! It is not that I love school and don't want it to be over..but I will miss all of the people who I got to know better and the teachers I had this year were pretty much all my favorites every!..lets see
First Period: The first marking period and a half was torture, but when we got our new Chemistry teacher..He was like the best to have like and hour after you wake up! :)
Second Period: I really hated that class and  teacher. She always WAY! to awake for 9am! We would never have any down time! After the first time I stayed after school to take a quiz I really Liked the teacher; she was very sweet (i just didn't want to say it *sorry*) But the last marking period I really enjoyed second period!
Third Period: MY SAVOR OF THE DAY( for the first marking period) I loved Choir! BEST CLASS! I loved the teacher from the second I met him! He is always trying to make you do your best! I love his way of teaching! I regret not being myself in that class this year!
Fourth Period! OMGOSH Freshman year math was sooo hard! This year was so much better!  My teacher was really nice and was great at controlling our class she had a good sense of humor and worked with you as long as you tried!
Fifth period: WOW! I guess you have to have one bad "class" of the day! But it was always fun! It wasn't the teachers that were bad.. It was the students! THEY JUST COULDN'T FOCUS! It drove me crazy half the time! And almost every day I would find my self thinking about my future! (like my farm with goats, and my wedding and names for my kids, and my job ect.) My teacher was excellent at controlling that class!
Sixth period: Gym... eh its was okay...i guess
Seventh Period!! HA that was fun! It was the one class I really never wanted to miss! I had the most friends in this class. There was always/most of the time something funny happening, or someone that would get us completely off topic! I also had my favorite teacher! She was super nice and understanding about everything!  I remember in September  I didn't like her and I'd try to slack off, until I stayed after to finsih an eassy and she asked if i was liz's sister and if we still had dogs! and I got really excited and explained that it wasn't my sister who did it; it was all my work! I'm supper disappointed that there is no chance  I will get her next year...guess its a good thing she also the ast. swim coach! :)
Eighth Period!: The only reason I liked this class was because of Annie Stacey and Michelle... Usually everyone loves home ec..but I really didn't like it this year! It drove me crazy! I put it down as an elective for next year..but I think I'm gonna switch to Spanish 3 instead.... Maybe I''ll be able to go to Spain??

Anyways, I really will miss most of my teachers and I really wish I could have them all again! I will definitely miss them! (excepts my OLD chemistry teacher!..but shes been gone since January!) Maybe I'll send one last email to thank them all for such an amazing year!

 After writing all this I really feel better about moving on from Sophomore year! :) I guess Sometimes all you need is closer to help you move on! :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

A little obsessed

So have you ever watch those like 48 hour mysteries?? They are kinda scary!!! My grandmas nurse is watching them win my gram, it's kinda odd! I'm so tired and want to take a nap but the show is making me scard! It makes me never want to be alone!! Or trust anyone!


Emma is my foster dog. I met her Saturday when I was volunteeri at thekennel for my rescue group. She came fom a shelter in Va where she was due to be put to sleep. Pnp( the rescue group I work with) had teachers her days before she was due to be put to sleep for no reason. When I met her last Saturday she had been in the rescue for only one week. She was alone and scard in her run! She was Shamir and whimpering! It broke my heart. I decided to take her out to walk her... She wouldn't walk....not even stand she just payed there!!! I begged my parent to let me take her! I did! It took her a few days but she now walks eats sands and drinks in front of people! She will even way her tail and come to you when shknow you! She really is in need of a good home!! Hopefully Saturday will bring her luck!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Is Almost here!

Tomorrow is my last Final for school!! I can't believe I'm going to be a junior next year!!! I feel Like yesterday I was In Elementary School! I didn't study for any of my Finals! yikes! I know it's gonna hurt me but I just CAN'T focus on school any longer! I feel so distant from the animal rescue I volunteer with! I used to be more involved! But this school year I really didn't put as much time in to the rescue as I would have liked!
Recall on Sophomore Year:
-got my GPA up! woohoo!
- made Honor roll all year!! :)
-Got the Prudential Spirit Award
-saved ONLY (it's usually more)  35 dogs/puppies
-Adopted my Very on Puppy for my Birthday! Molly Sage<3
-Joined Park Swim (and really enjoyed it...even tho i stunk!)
-Made a few new friends
-Witnessed a dog's c-section(SO AWESOME)
-Went on a ride-along for ACO
-Had a Sweet 16 Party!!!
-Turned 16
-got my permit
-bottle fed Kittens(..i'm allergic)
WOW what a year! :)

Only 2 more days of waking up at 7am! YAY! And only one more test! Of course geometry! ugh! I did horrible on my midterm! :/ I'd try to go to sleep now.. But my younger sister is having a sleepover(lucky her her last day of school was today), and her friends are SOOO loud!..Ha
Well My computer is dying anyways.. so Night!

New To This

I really have never had anywhere, that i write down my thought, dreams, wishes or hopes. Not really sure how this whole thing works but I think I will give it a try. It seems Neat. I was just skimming thorough some other people's blogs! I love the Family ones! :)