Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Finger Lakes!!!

So we arrived yesterday at finger lakes. There are nine of us! I'm having a great time. Carly, Mikey, & I all share a room. It a pretty big room!!
Today the three of us went in the lake, carly and I picked out a lot of the brush in the lake. There is a TON!!!!!!! of it!!! Its kinda gross to Hahah!!
We also went fishing??? Well sorta kinda? Mire like played with the fishing poles! Lol! Carly and I also went in the Kayack! We had fun but she got tired so we went back! :)

Omgosh and the view is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I will post pictures when I get home unless I figure out how to post them from my iPod. The deck looks right out to the beautiful clear lake, but there are just the right amount of trees!

I just took a relaxing jaccuzzi with Carly. Them we went and took a shower! ( all in bathing suits). I'm sitting n the coach now relaxing :) well I'm going to go find my phone! Haha

Hurricane Irene!!!

Hurricane Irene!!!
Last night we got hit with hurricane Irene! Luckly it wasn't as bad as expected in our area. There is not much damage to the houses around here. Most of our town is out of power :( They have said it's not expected to be on for another 3- 5 days. Not good!!

I was soppost to leave for the Outter banks today in the early morning. Unfortanutally we are not able to go! :( I'm dissapointed but instead we are going to finger lakes NY! I'm excited but I am disappointed there will be no pool :( the house we are staying in is 100 or less yards from the house there are also 5 bedrooms!!! Woohoo!! :) I'm sooo Excited...

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Encouragement from the stranger at the gym

Today I went to the gym with my friend Kristy <3 (her last name is heart) We had soo much fun swimming! :) While I was starting my work out I swam a 50 (pretty fast too I was soo proud) I realised I forgot to put my cap on. I began to put it on and a Stranger said to me "Don't you put your cap on before you get your hair wet?.. I don't know how you girl's wear those! i'm lucky i'm wearing goggle!" After I swam a 100 of breaststroke, he asked me if I was on a swim team. I replied " I just joined my this year, well this past school year and I was like the WORST on the team so I decide to come here to practice" He told me " you gotta start somewhere. When I was in highschool I had always wanted to do (i forget what sport) but I never did! i really regret it. I didn't do it because I was afraid i'd be the worst. But i'm happy you did try out and become a part of the team. You'll only get better and I see you want to get better!"
 He really made my day after a few laps more we started talking some more.. He was a very nice!
Thank You Stranger!!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Made No sence..But it was a dream


So I was at Woff's N' Whiskers but it was in a differnt spot and it was a daycare for kids..not dogs. There was this group of guys just chilln' there washing cars..yes cars. They were all super hot but such jerks. There was also another pretty good looking guy. He would have been a bit cuter if her lost a few pounds and cut his care and had a bit less acne. But if his face cleared up a tad and he cut his hair.. I'd date him.. Okay back to the dream! So after I talked to Jen and Alissa at Woofs N' Whiskers I walked to this Walmart like store but it wasn't walmart. It wasn;t nearlly as clean as walmart. i went to get school supplies..and those jerky guys followed me there. For some reason I went o go look at babydolls..Those jerks were down that isle before me!! and there was this three pack of dolls (the dolls were next to the coke) Those guys got the dlls and tied them on top of their car. For somereason I got supre duper mad at them for this and chased them on foot. The drove to the car wash the ownner told them that they couldn't go through and stopped the carwash \. Then those jerks locked him up. and pressed the button to start the carwash and I ran  in after those dolls. I got really badly hurt on my head and was alll brused and cut up. I took the car and somethinig about 36 hours I was going to finally pass out from getting hit sohard??? i think?? Then I went back to Woofs N Whiskers and Alissa was like OMGOSH your injury was worse than mine are you okay and being soo nice..and JEN on the other hand...she was MAD at me! She was like "why were you at that scuzzy store anyways you know i don't like you going there. your luck you didn't die." and i kept trying to tell her but she wouldn't listen so I ran acroos the street and passed out in the middle nearly got hit by a car. The next thing I remember was being in a science class and katie grumka was teaching it. And Joe steff was my lab partner and he didn't get that i was soo confused and my head hurt and i didn't remeber what was going on. (this is a very confussing dream ..i know) Next the science teacher came in MR. D and i tryed to tell him what happeded but Nicole R pushed me to the ground and I hit my head again! Then I woke up!

I reallly remembered a lot of detail from that dream! i AM NOT GOING TO GO BACK AND FIX MY  GRAMMER, spelling  or all the random capps... sorry tooo lazy!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011


I haven't been on here in a while!!
  Last week I was house sitting for some wonderful people! :) I Love their Dog Ewing! He was soo good! At night he would come cuddle with you..and I loved that! :) He also taught Molly some new tricks! YAY! Ones I've been trying to teach her FOREVER!!! Thank Ewing!! This week I am Dog/rabbit/fish/bird sitting for a family! The rabbit is very friendly!!!! And during the day I have been taking my neighbor's dog scout for a midday walk and playtime with Molly! Molly Sure Loves it! Oh and I also have a new foster Puppy!! His name is Speckles! He is missing two toes on one of his back paws!It's sooo odd!! He is such a lover he just wants to be held! He is gonna be a big dog! He is a pointer mix! *ithink* He is white with tons of black speckles! and a black head. So adorable!

I love you Speckles! You'll never know how much I Loved you!! you were a great dog!!!

I have been looking sooo forwards to my vacation!!! I'm going  to OBX! SOOO EXCITED! I'm going with my neighbors and their family and friends! There will be a 12 year old and a 6 year old going too!  :) I can't wait! House on the beach with a huge pool, and hot tub!!! oh boy i can't wait!!!!