Saturday, July 30, 2011


I WAS excited for school now i'm NOT

I have been ready for school to start since the last day of school! (weird right??) I LOVED my sophmore year soo mcuh!! It was great a wonderful schedule! I loved it. I liked all of my teachers! It was such a good school year!!!  I wish I could stay in my sophmore year forever!!
  I got my schedule today! I HATE IT!! and why couldn't they give us our teachers!! Like I wanna know if i should switch out of home ec or not but i can't decide! What if i have a really good teacher now and I go and switch and I have a bad teacher... Or what if i have a bad teacher but don't switch! UGH!!! I don't know what to do! I would love to take Spanish 3 and maybe go to spain! ugh!!! And i don't like how my gym switches!!! UGH WP your making me soo mad!! Why couldn't you keep it the same... Freshman should have to deal with only have to chose one elective.. They didn't get to choose any in middle school?? Why not just leave it how it is! Why do the freashmen even nbeed this stupid class they should have it in middle school! Nobody else has ever had it and look how well they all turned out!? Or are you calling us all dumb? Usally by high school people have their own study habbits anyways! Or just let the frshmen have to choose one elective! Really! any why give them the good teachers!! Give em the mean/annoying ones! At this point i wish i could just be done with school! I know im geetting all worked up over nothing I can fix and its not to big a deal but i'm really annoyed and miss my old teachers and classes sooo much!!! Right down Guidnce Department and whoever else makes the schedules and who ever came up with the STUPID freshmen class! I STONGE STRONGLY STRONGLY STRONGLY STRONGLY STRONGLY STRONGLY DISLIKE YOU! Like I said i would soo just drop out of school if i didn't want to have a good life sooo badly!! or not even a good life caz id be able to... more soo caz i need a roof over my head!!! UGH and i just found out i dont have lunch with my best friend!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Vacation is over!

So, I'm home from Cape Cod! I had a great time! :) Molly and Bella also enjoyed themselves! Bella Loves Cape Cod! She is soo good up there! But today the first thing she did when she got in the house was pee! UGH!!! I love Vacation beacsue I just eat, (pretty un healthly too) Now i'm regreating it! I deffently gained weight! I am going to start my Gym and healthy eatting tomorrow! I'm trying to find a good swim workout for tomorrow! :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cape Cod

So i'm in cape cod for the week! I was finally able to bring a friend up. Yay! I love the friend I brought! And I don't regret bringing her in any way! But in a way i wish she was 't my sisters friend as well as mine! I didn't know her friend. It didn't reAlly bother me at first... But now that I'm getting to know her friend and talk to her my sister is starting to get moody and she doesn't even want me to talk to her! What? Am I suppose to just be atoms her and make it always or be rude??? Ugh and my mom is mad at me for no reason... What the heck man?? Anyways...

I am having so much fun! We have been to the beach a few times! It was nice! The weather has been great! It was rainy yesterday but we had fun anyways! We went to p-town. And the other day we rented a boat, the water was VERY rough! I didn't enjoy the boat! Too bumpy! Oh n Chatham has been fun!! :) well watching dr phill update later

Friday, July 8, 2011


So The past few days have been GREAT! I've had so much fun!
 On Wednesday, I went to the Zoo with one of my good friends Kristy. IT was a lot of fun, but very HOT! We had fun running around on the playground even though we are toobig for most of the stuff. It brought back a ton of memories!  :) There was this one goat there and it was Beautiful! I wanted to take it home!

On Thursday I was surprised and was taken down the shore with my big sister. We had a BLAST its was great to spend time together! It had been a while! The water was chilly untill you went under. The waves were hudge and at one point the wave had overpowered me and had me all twisted up! We also went on the boardwalk. We got a dress and some candy...and of course fried oreos!! (Love those things)  We got home late that night and relised I was BURNT! :/.. But thats okay I still had a great day!

Today I volunteered some time at the kennel! It was nice, because I hadn't been there in a while! When my mom came to pick me up she brought Molly and Bella! It was soo cool to have them there!.. They both got a bath! YAY!

Tomorrow I have adoptions for my rescue group! I'm looking fowards to it, but i'm so tired!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Yay! The next week will hopefully be super busy! So far Today, I am going to the zoo! Yay! Saturday I will be at adoptions, next tuesday I am going to the zoo and ne t Thursday I am going to the beach!!! Wooohoo!!! So excited! Hopefully something else will come along!! I really wanna try to stay super busy! Plus get out and be outside!

Friday, July 1, 2011

I wanna Be an Animal Control Officer

I'm always dreaming about my future. I'm always planning it!  I want to be an Animal Control Officer. I know you don't get paid to much. And you usually start out part time but It's what I want to do. I already know I love it! I like how each day you never know what your calls Will be and each day brings new challenges. It's interesting! In NJ you have to be 18 to take the certification courses. I really want to take those course as soon as possible after I turn 18. The only issue would be that the course are usually weekdays during May and June.... I'm still in school. I'm not sure my High school would allow me to miss 7 days of school. But maybe because it is a college course? I also would like to take other classes/certifications during the year and possibly  the online class at Rutgers to help better my career for animal control.  I'd also like to take the basic course for managing kennels and shelters. that is a three day course.... My school would never let me miss that much school...and I'd really like to get certified asap!!! Plus I also have to take the animal cruelty investigates..... The only real reason I am going to college is to have a back up plan and gain more knowledge on animal health..... (vet tech)..But if I could I deff. just become aco!