Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Giving Thanks! (The only Holiday you can say backwards and it be the definition of the Holiday)

Happy Thanksgiving and May God Bless you In many ways!

I wanted to dedicate a post to all that I am thankful for in the past year, so here it goes:

Thank Your for my family, with out them I would have the support I so desperately need,

Thank you for my Friends, without them I would have no reason to life.

Thank you to our Armed forces who have served or are serving Our country currently. I disagree with war but I am so thankful for your sacrifices to help keep people you don't even know safe!

Thank you for Bella. She is my first K9 family member and has changed my life in so many ways. I love her so much and am so thankful for her. With out her I would never have been inspired to help other animals live her. She is my TRUE BEST FRIEND and I love every moment I have with her.

Thank you for Molly. Without her I would never laugh EVERY day. I may have never woken up from being unconscious and I would never know how strong LOVE truly can be.

Thank you for time. Without it I would never be able to save all the dogs I have.

Thank you for school. Although I say I hate it or that it's pointless I am thankful for it. It gives time to plan what I will do and how I will approach my next steps. I have no idea when I will find time to do this when i Graduate!

Thank you for Pups@Play. With out it I wouldn't have a job and I wouldn't be able to pay Molly's vet bills or save for a car and hours. I also wouldn't be able to give Molly the socialization she so desperately craves. I am also thankful for ALL of the people I have meet there. They are all wonderful people and have big hearts.

Thank you for my mostly healthy body, With out it I wouldn't be able to save as many lives.

Thank you for life. Thank you for my live and thank you for the lives of animals!

Thank you for My house. I can't imagine the lives of the homeless.

Thanks You for Park Swim. Without swim I would never be in shape.

Thank you for EVERYTHING I have and have not mentioned. It has all helped to shape me into the person I am today and has helped me solve the many challenges I have had in life.

I believe....

This Picture doesn't really have anything to do with this post, I just felt like posting a picture.
God Pushes us in ways we never thought would happen Although the saying is "Sometimes for better and sometimes for worse...." I believe God always pushes us for the better. The things HE pushes us into may seem hard to believe that they are for the better, but they are. Everything HE pushes us to do has a meaningful life lesson that we may or may not learn. The closer attention you pay to HIS lesson the more you will get out of it.
     I truly believe that the night I passed out was not caused by any medical reason but as a lesson that God desperately  wanted me to understand.  Before I completely "knocked out" I last remember Molly crying.  When I woke up Molly had her head on my chest, and Gillian(a foster dog at the time) was licking my face through her crate.  I honestly thought that I had the worse thing every and stated complaining about it to everyone. I later found a blog. On this blog a mother had written about her family's life. This past year had by far the worse possible news ever; Her FOUR year old Daughter, Lucy had been diagnosed with Cancer in February.  The mother has written about the ups-and the downs of their journey. After reading this BlogPage I have learned that you should be happy for what you have, and that there will always be someone better then you and someone worse then you.
     It may sound silly I learned this through my Concussion, but I did! God had me pass out, fall and hit my head so had the time to figure this out.
     I have also been starting to become more confident in more thing that I have been doing after reading Ashley Owen Hill's Rescue's Blog. She has started to become an inspiration to me and has been teaching me to become my full potential no matter what anyone say. Now, yes I know, I know, I knew that before, BUT now, yeah NOW I'm actually applying this into my life. I have bigger dreams for my self and I can take a stand for what I believe in.
    These past couple months I have started to believe in God more. I have started to pray more. I'm not sure what religion I am or if I want to declare my self as one but I now can say I believe in a God. I believe that HE does play an important role in our life. But I still do not know If I believe in heaven or hell. I do however believe in peace. I believe that everyone should be grateful for what they have and help the ones who need it. I believe that if you show hate you will live a shorter miserable life because of it.  I believe that every one should be treated equally and that everyone has the full potential to be something great, but God is the one who picks the people that will succeed and strive to do better no matter how far they have gone already.

Monday, November 14, 2011

A tired Molly!!

Two Friday's I was offered a job at Pups @ Play!! I Started last Friday! It it a good first job! I love it! I am really starting to get to know how different breeds play and I am learning different breeds as well!! YAY!!
Here is a picture of Molly on our way home!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Award Part 2

THANKS to Ms. Califri for editing/revising BOTH of my Essays!! It means so much!!

Each year thousands of animals across the United States are put to sleep, for no fault of their own. These animals are not at fault nor do they deserve such treatment.  Every year I personally save approximately one hundred of these animals from being killed.  I began my volunteering efforts in 2004 by collecting donations for St. Hubert’s of Madison New Jersey.  I learned about the cause of pet overpopulation at St. Hubert’s.  When my family decided to get a dog, I persuaded them into adopting one rather than buying a dog from a breeder or supporting a puppy mill. In 2007 I wanted to do more than just collect donations for the shelter, I wanted to foster. I had searched on and found Purrs N Pups Animal Rescue. They were looking for volunteer fosters and it seemed like a perfect match for me. I applied and my I received my first fosters on July 1 2007. When we brought our foster dogs up to the adoption event, I found out that I could come to every adoption event even if I didn’t have fosters. I began to go to adoptions every week, and I also became more involved. Each week I would make cage tags for each of the animals that would be at the next adoption event.  In September of 2007, I was invited to go to a High-Kill Animal Shelter with a Director of Purrs N Pups. The director wanted to me to understand the impact “I” was making. That day she had taught me that each animal I speak up for, “I” rescue.  From that day forward I knew I would do animal rescue for the rest of my life. I was taught by the same Director, who is also a vet tech, how to administer vaccines, microchips, and different medication. I have also learned how to deliver and feed newborn kittens, and puppies and witnessed a dog having c-section.  Currently, I run a blog page and a Facebook page for Purrs N Pups Animal Rescue.  I also write up contracts, file paperwork, recruit volunteers and fosters, foster, help at adoption days, administer vaccines, microchips, help plan events, and raise money for the group.  Volunteering with Purrs N Pups Animal Rescue has helped me make a difference in the world by not only saving the lives of animals, but also placing them in forever homes. By creating the Blog page and Facebook Page I have been able to spread to the public, information about Purrs N Pups Animal Rescue, and the importance of altering and adopting their pets. Volunteering has boosted my confidence and helps me feel comfortable standing up for what I believe in. A person will never regret volunteering; they will however regret not volunteering. It is important to be confident and stand up for what someone believes in, even if others around you may not believe the same things. The best part about almost anything is the challenge it take to get there, one of the most challenging parts of animal rescue is the daily ignorance of people when they do not understand why it is important to adopt rather than just to pick the cute puppy in the pet store’s window. Almost 100% of the time the animals in pet stores are from animal mills or back yard breeders, and when people buy an animal from them it promotes the breeder to produce more and keep the inhumane conditions.  Another challenge is that, many people do not know that everyday adoptable animals are being killed for no reason but that they ended up in an overcrowded shelter, and when I try to explain they do not want to believe it, and I feel defeated at times, but it just makes me try harder. The best part of animal rescue is when the animals “I” rescue find their forever home. Although I may shed tears, they are always tears of joy. I never forget the joy and unconditional love in the new pet owner’s eyes!  That joy helps me move on to my next foster, and rebuild its heart.

Foster Puppy Update!!

Here is an update of Mamma Stumpy and her family:

Mamma now plays and runs around just like any other puppy her age! She loves people and would love to cuddle all day long! She really has come a long way!!!

Pups and now all named and separated from mommy! They LOVE to be held and know when they have visitors. They are super smart and love to chill in the kitchen!! :)

Here is a slide show of them!!!