Friday, February 3, 2012

It's a Downer of a day...

 I love Park Swim! I am not the best swimmer but I dedicate myself do do as best I can. I love being part of the team. I love going to meets and cheering teammates on. I love the fact that everyone gets along and cheers for everyone.
  I really wish I swam my freshman year. I wish I could just stay one more year to make up for it! (or go back one year and make it up! I can't believe next year it will be my senior swim... I can't believe I  am going to be a senior NEXT year! I have been waiting for that day since 5th grade! But now I can honestly say..... "I don't want to grow up!" I want to stay in high school.  I don't want to leave the people I have grown up with! I don't want to leave swim! I still have a year and a half to enjoy of High School so I am just going to make the BEST of it!... But I only have 9 days till my drivers test!! I'm sooo scared for that!!!! I can't parallel park and I can't go in reverse.  yikes.... If you need me Sunday... I'll be practicing driving!!

Well anyways... This has been a great swim season. It started out on the rocky side but things finally smoothed out the last few weeks! :)

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